About Evergreen Volunteer Group

About us
Evergreen Volunteer Group has served Bright Hill Evergreen Home for the elderly since August 1988.  The group is an independent and non-profitable group supported by enthusiastic individuals from all walks of life. It is also not affiliated to any religious background.
The group’s vision is to make Bright Hill Evergreen Home a better place to live in for the home residents. It allows like-minded individuals to walk in as regularly as possible from 2.30pm to 5pm every Saturday to interact with the elderly and to bring joy and happiness to them. The group also provides valuable opportunities for volunteers to work together and share their passion for volunteerism.
The group’s mission is to reach out to the hearts of the elderly who may be destitutes, childless and/or from low income group by lending them a listening ear and helping to increase their self-worth through activities designed for their minds and hands.
How you can help?
The group is constantly looking out for new volunteers to join in. You can help by becoming a part of the group or if you wish to fund our events organised for the home elderly or make a cash donation that will go towards supplying food served as hi-tea to the home elderly, simply drop us a comment or e-mail to evergreenvolunteer@hotmail.com and we will be more than happy to get in touch with you.
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