Stamp Cutting Activity – An intro

The activity starts at 3pm and lasts for 1 hour every Saturday at the dining hall.
Some 50 elderly residents of the home take part in this activity, which they very much look forward to every Saturday.  Our volunteers collect used envelopes from kind donors prior to the activities.  With swift, steady hands, the elderly folks cut off the stamps from the envelopes.  The stamps would be collected and sold to a stamp dealer while the cut envelopes shredded and recycled.
Those elderly folks who may not be fit to or do not like handling of scissors would be encouraged to participate in the activity as well by helping to tear the cut envelopes before sending them for recycle. 
The stamp cutting activity has certainly helped the elderly residents feel useful, as well as improve their hand-eye coordination and keep their reflexes mobile.
Proceeds from the sales of stamps are used for the following :-
  • buying weekly snacks (high-tea) for all the elderly residents
  • celebrations of festives such as Chinese New Year, Dumpling Festival, Mooncake Festival, and Winter Solstice
  • outings to places such as Singapore Zoological Gardens, Jurong Bird Park, and Sentosa

So, isn’t this a meaningful activity to be called?

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