Event: Bazaar & Carnival/Karaoke – 5Aug06

Prior to the event, we received great response from sponsors through the help of our home volunteers.  A big hand went out to a group of young volunteers who spent time preparing various games which they eventually displayed at the bazaar.  The elderly were seen moving around with the help of volunteers trying their hands on the games.  They were rewarded with little gifts like balloon sculpturing, drawings and snacks. 
There was an array of medical items, toiletries, food, desserts and fruits on display.  Thanks to volunteers who either cooked them or bought them to the home.  At one point, the event hall was turned into a night bazaar style shopping when someone yelled out in dialect ‘Chinese biscuits on offer’.  A far end stall was trying to capture the attention of the elderly.  Good strategy and it worked!
It was certainly a warm, fun and noisy afternoon.  The elderly was also entertained by our karaoke queens and kings.
By Catherine (Event Coordinator)
[Pictures of this event can be viewed at our album.]
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