Event: Mid-autumn celebration – 30Sep06

To many volunteers, it was an unforgettable experience on 30 Sep 06. We celebrated the mid autumn festival with the home residents.
Prior to the event, we started a lantern making activity with the elderly. Recycled materials like tissue boxes and plastic bowls together with other art materials were used. We started with making lantern accessories like flowers made from tissue papers and cranes made from coloured papers. As volunteers, we were delighted to see that many elderly played their role in the whole lantern exercise. We were proud to showcase their finished products at the celebration. During the activity, we identified 1 or 2 volunteers who demonstrated their creativity.
We successfully engaged the elderly to rehearse and sing (rap) with us the following song which was specially written for the occasion and for them:
你开心   我开心   大家都    com 开心

中秋节   赏月亮   吃月餅    玩灯笼

你开心   我开心   大家都    com 开心

月光光   照地溏  八月十五   好佳节

你开心   我开心    大家都   com 开心

光明山   老人院   祝大家身体健康 万事如意

你开心   我开心    大家都   com开心

We invited a Chinese drum group consisted of kindergarten, primary and secondary school students. Many elderly had indicated their happiness to have young children/people around. Their performances were fun and captivating. The elderly was extremely excited to be able to beat the drums themselves and to perform alongside the students. Mooncakes and Chinese tea were served. The whole event was wrapped up with a sumptuous dinner specially prepared by a group of volunteers who sweat it out in the kitchen.

Thanks to ALL volunteers who were present for their lively, warm and helpful contribution. Some ‘gong gong’ and ‘po po’ had expressed their thanks to volunteers who contributed fun and took good care of them. An uncle felt so gratified that one could see him close to tears when he repeatedly thanked us.

A little note on how volunteers felt after the event:


九月三十日, 欢庆中秋节










by Catherine (Event Coordinator)

[Pictures of this event can be viewed at our album.] 

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