Thoughts to share

Dear volunteers,
Do you have any thoughts to share?  Any thoughts which you may have with regard to the elderly residents you have visited, an outing or an activity you have been through.  You may either add a comment on this particular blog or email it to  We look forward to read your thoughts.
Please read some thoughts shared by our volunteers recently:-
It was peaceful and warm at Bright Hill last Sat, 4 Nov 06. Every elderly appeared to be in high spirits! Thanks to Molly…the elderly had a satisfying hi-tea – chwee kuey. Molly, Joey (Molly’s son) and I went around engaging our folks to play our self-created memory and board games before commencing a short session of stamp cutting. We were pleased that the elderly responded positively to the games. 2 weeks ago, a female elderly asked me to buy 4-D for her but I forgot all about it. When I apologised and returned the money to her last Sat, I expected her to say things like ‘why you so forgetful?’.. To my surprise, she simply asked me to bend forward and all she did was smiled and stroked my back. Perhaps, she could sense that I felt bad over the incident and she was trying to console me.. I was touched! 
By Catherine on 06 November 2006.

Volunteers are usually busy working with the elderly at the dining hall right after hi-tea is served. This is especially evident when we are short-handed. Very often, we forget that there are elderlys on the upper floors who may be looking forward to meeting us. Last Sat, Molly and I slipped up to the female dormitory on the 3rd storey. We will welcome by big smiles of ‘alert’ aunties who put out their hands to touch ours. Molly spotted familiar faces of some with whom we used to see at the dining hall but they are now looking fray and restless. It saddens us more when we saw some very weak ones. For many healthy individuals, lying down is a way to relax but looking at those lying on bed, their sleep appears to be associated with great pain…


By Catherine on 19 November 2006.

My recent visit to the 3rd floor saw this old auntie who used to be quite fierce.  She seemed happy to see me but I was not sure whether she actually recognised me for she could not now deliver a proper sentence or even a word..It pained my heart then but sometimes a visit like that also makes me learn more about life..
By yll on 19

November 2006.

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  1. Evergreeners says:

    I must congratulate Catherine and all of the volunteers for a excellent and wonderful outing to the Raffles place and fullerton walk on 19th May with the elderly. All the logistics and activities are carefully planned and thought of. The journey to the place was fun filled with songs and laughters on the bus. When we alighted at Raffles place, the eldery were treated with more great songs and Macdonald snacks and coffee. It was so well planned that, even the weather on the day was "catered" for as the weather was perfect for walking; someone must have done a lot of praying before that. THe elderly definitely enjoy themselves and so do the volunteers. Thank you so much especially Catherine and another great outing for the elderly and us to remember and talk about…. 

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