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Our next major event of the year will be a shopping trip to Vivo City on next Saturday, 9 Dec 06.  At least for the past 9 years, the volunteers have been bringing some 20 to 30 elderly residents out to a hypermart every year end.  This is to let the elderly folks have a taste of a different shopping experiece which you and I are very familiar with.  Each elderly folk will be given a sum of $10 to spend on that day.  The outing will usually end with a dinner.  For some years, we even made a detour to Orchard Road to view the Xmas lightings before making our way back to the home. 
This has definitely been an outing that the elderly residents look forward to every year.
So what’s coming up for this year?  According to our event coordinator Catherine, we have completed most of the groundwork in preparation of this year end shopping trip to Vivo City.  Thanks to our volunteers who battled the heavy rain to be present for the meeting at Bright Hill Home on the 18Nov afternoon.

Volunteers visited Vivo City on more than one occasion to familiarise ourselves with the place and how to get around on the actual outing day and most importantly, to understand from Vivo management on the best sheltered alighting point. Diary Farm Organisation who owns Giant Hypermart has kindly conceded to our request for goodie bags to be given to our home elderly upon arrival. The elderly will get to shop at the hypermart and will be greeted by a magnificent sea view with Sentosa, cable cars and cruises in the background.
Transport and dinner arrangements are being confirmed for the day.
The home management has kindly approved a list of 16 elderly and 6 home staff for the outing. Volunteer strength is being finalised too.
So let’s keep our fingers crossed for good weather on 9 Dec!
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