Shopping Trip on 9 Dec 06

Congratulations to our successful event to Vivo City, Harbourfront on 9 Dec 2006! The home elderly and volunteers were blessed with a good weather.
We set off punctually at 3pm in two separate vehicles. There were 3 things which we did first time:
1) we chartered a hydraulic platform coaster bus which benefited 8 wheelchaired elderly. The other elderly and volunteers boarded the SBS bus.  Our volunteers entertained the elderly with songs onboard the vehicles.
2) it was also our group’s first time to design our ‘Bright Hill Evergreen Home’ signboard which was held up to guide the elderly and volunteers walking at the back. It proved useful in crowded places like Vivo City.
3) we came up with a slogan 光明山老人院处处有温情 which we hope to use for future outings too.
We reached our first stop at Giant Hypermart around 3.45pm. The elderly with the help of volunteers made their way to shop for their favourite item – DURIAN! Thanks to our kind durian seller who sold them to our elderly at $3.00 for a box of durian that was priced at $8.00. Other items in their shopping list included bread, milk and peanut butter. Giant kindly sponsored goodie bags filled with biscuits, beverages, pastries and fruits for each of the 17 elderly present for the outing.
After shopping, we proceeded to the Promenade – an open pathway with a magnificent sea view. We spent a short but memorable moment with the elderly who were delighted to be close to the sea. Group photos were taken.
Dinner was served to the elderly, home staff and all volunteers at a zi cha stall located in Ang Mo Kio. Some elderly commented that they were very happy and the food was very delicious. Well, feeling happy to be seated in a round table with caring people around him definitely made a difference too! Even our government encourages us to make time for family meals!
All in all, our volunteers had demonstrated good time management, great initiatives and kind understanding towards each other. They had definitely contributed in one way or another in exercising the event and making it a fun and memorable one!
We wish our elderly and volunteers GOOD HEALTH AND A HEARTY YEAR 2007!
Catherine, Event Coordinator 
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