Chinese New Year 2007

Come 18 February 2007, we will be ushering the Chinese New Year of the Pig… oink oink!
Who’s born in the year of the pig or boar? Its a special year to make your ‘PIG’ presence felt by our elderly. It is an animal well liked by Chinese. fei fei you feng mang.. hahaha
You could suggest to contribute something to the event. Feel free to drop us your suggestions.
The initial plan is to celebrate CNY 2007 with the home elderly on Saturday, 24 Feb afternoon. I am checking on date availability as well as to seek special waiver of the home’s rule which restricts the number of visitors each time. Afterall, it will be a happy occasion and I hope the home management will appreciate our efforts and will give us some ‘face’…
Simultaneously, I am waiting for the performance groups at Zhonghua Secondary School to respond to me. Ideally, as many volunteers commented, it will be nice to welcome back the Chinese drum and Chinese orchestra groups. Let’s see what comes up and I will update accordingly.
Update 1
YES!! The Chinese Orchestra and Chinese Drum groups are very keen to make their presence at the home again…The Chinese drum group even suggested to bring along their lion dance team so THAT’S 3 IN ONE PERFORMANCE. NOT BAD RIGHT?! 肯定会很热闹 lor.. All eyes are now on Bright Hill Home management to confirm on the date as well as to advise if they can waive the rule…Ms Pang is away on 2 days course and should be back today, 11 Jan so let’s keep our fingers crossed…
Update 2
Hi.. Bright Hill home management has given their full support to our plans to hold a CNY celebration for our elderly on 24 Feb 07. All performance groups from Zhonghua Secondary School alongwith a lion dance group are in line for the celebration. I will be working on the itinerary with the teachers in charge and will update all asap.
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One Response to Chinese New Year 2007

  1. Evergreeners says:

    In my years of volunteering in Brighthill, this year celebration is probably the most well prepared and fill with fun packed activites from Singing, guitar performances, drumming, lion dances, etc plus the well lavished dinner prepared by the volunteers. Special thanks and credits should goes to Catherine our Event manager for her hard work and creative ideas, Molly for pulling her group of friends to perform the guitars and songs, to Woei Shiuan for her mouth watering dinner for the elderly and to all volunteers who helped to make this happen. THANK YOU

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