Talking about Coming up… for months of April, May & June 2007


Talking about Coming up… for April, May & June 2007

YES! We are grateful to our two sponsors who donated towards our 3 events in April, May & June 2007. THANK YOU SO MUCH to Mr & Mrs Pek and Wendy for your generosity, help and love for the elderly.


Coming up… for months of April, May & June 2007

Hi Hi

If you are reading this blog regularly and wonder what we have installed for you to help and the home elderly to enjoy…. this is an update which I am pleased to share.

APRIL 2007…A bazaar is set for 28 April after hi-tea. The plan is to sell a list of essential medical & sundry items to cater to the needs of the elderly. We have alerted the elderly about the coming bazaar and received their feedback on their needs. Tau sar pian and steamed groundnuts (without shell) in traditional cones will also be sold. Our group of volunteers is strongly encouraged to join us on 28 April. Lend your voices as we entertain the elderly with songs…come and discover which elderly can sing!! You will be amazed by their lively and cheerful presence….

Other events in the pipeline and their estimated costs for running them are as follows. We need $$$! Please help to seek sponsors. THANKS!

MAY 2007…An outing is scheduled for the month of May. Tentative venue: Singapore River/One Fullerton/Explanade Bridge – need approx $800 to foot costs for dinner & transport.

JUNE 2007…Carnival (games, fruits and kopi & toast) – need $150 to buy fruits, bread and coffee/sugar/milk. I am taking the school holidays as an opportunity to encourage volunteers’ children to work out some games to interact with our elderly who enjoyed themselves when we did our first such carnival last year. If you have children/teenagers/nieces/nephews and wish to expose them to volunteerism, this is a good chance for you to guide them..create their own game and share it with the elderly. If you are interested, please contact me by dropping a comment in this blog or e-mail me at

The elderly LOVES the company of young people…so please encourage them to come forward – it will be an enriching experience for their June holidays…


Cheers – Catherine

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