Bazaar on 28 April 07

Hooray… to all the 9 volunteers who turned up to help out at the bazaar. Despite the small turn out, we certainly demonstrated unity, passion and strength to work together for the elderly. We had a mixture of aggressive and humble buyers who were all very appreciative of our efforts in organising an event like this to allow them to buy useful items priced at 10 cents, 20 cents and 50 cents. The bazaar as I understand, has been a very traditional and yearly event. It is definitely worth carrying on…
This year, we had some ‘new’ and small qty items like T-shirts, long sighted glasses, purses and small pillows which were all snapped up at the end of the one hour bazaar. To show his excitement and support for us, an elderly uncle wore one of the 3 T-shirts he bought immediately after his purchase. He also bought lots of other items in multiple quantities to share with other elderly. He is definitely a man with a big heart! Worth mentioning was the 2 pillows specially and jointly sewn by Lay Leng & her friend. They were no ordinary pillows… as they were done in very short time and with lots of warmth & love in them. Hmmm.. really envy the two female elderly who bought them!
Last but not least, we entertained the elderly with Mandarin, Hokkien and Cantonese songs. We had a good time together and saw happy faces around us, didn’t we?
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