42nd National Day 2007

Come August, shall we celebrate National Day on the 4th? Elderly Siew Kai Kuan is already asking if there will be a celebration in the home. In his own words, he has these to say to Singapore… 希望新加破多多照顾老人家, 也同时照顾小孩子们因为他们是国家未来的主人翁… Uncle Philip wishes Singapore ‘Happy Birthday’


To start with, we can engage the elderly in making Singapore flags, write down their thoughts for Singapore and even practice some of our National Day songs. We have one keen Uncle Siew. On the day of celebration, we can ‘jia chye’ like char siew, roast pork, Chinese sausages just to name a few suggestions. I am checking with Kee Hoon regarding the funds remaining from the last donation.


As for the day’s programmes, these are some ideas… serve coffee…display elderly’s art pieces….sing… order a cake imprinted with S’pore flag…games…get Jane’s two boys to perform.


Cui Xian & the gang present on 7 July have expressed interest & support (hehehe..). Lay Leng even suggested wearing red T-shirt on the day of celebration!!! Good idea, Lay Leng.



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