Back to the home

After a lapse of some weeks due to personal reasons, I find myself lacking in self-discipline in going to the home.  Nevertheless, my visits on 30 June & 7 July was filled with warmth and little surprises from our elderly. Cheerful faces welcomed my return followed by requests to buy ointment and cup noodles. I suppose they didn’t feel good to ask other volunteers except for me ‘cos I always poke fun with them and behave ‘seow seow’ towards them. That’s me – creating light-hearted moments…


A very big welcome to Cui Xian and Joanne. Cui Xian witnessed what simple pleasure was like when the elderly on the 3rd level was served with coffee. I encourage Cui Xian to share this moment and her feelings with us. (Cui Xian, feel free to drop us an email.)


The home has a new elderly who introduced herself as ‘mui mui’. To describe her… fun-loving; good sense of humour; enjoys tearing used envelopes; happily takes on every pile of envelopes. In two occasions, I heard Mui Mui said to another auntie 累了就休息我可以帮撕你那一份 (kind and helpful)… to an uncle 上次拿了你的风油现在还一支给你 (trustful)…



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