National Day 2007




Symbolises universal brotherhood and equality of man


Stands for pervading and everlasting purity and virtue

White crescent moon

Represents a young nation on the rise

Five stars

Stand for the ideals of democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality
9 August has always been a very special and colourful day to all proud Singaporeans who rejoice the nation’s independence. 11 days from today, Singapore will celebrate her 42nd birthday. To mark this special occasion, we are proud to present the National Day Celeb 07@Bright Hill Evergreen Home. For our pre-celebration segment, the home residents proudly created their national flags and ‘WOW’ was our volunteers’ first response when we witnessed the calligraphy skills of a few elderly who joined in the celebratory mood.
We promise to deliver yet another happy and memorable afternoon with the home residents, some of whom are already looking forward to it.
Do make yourselves available on Saturday, 4th August 2pm at Bright Hill Evergreen Home.
Do wear your favourite red and/or white tops.
Do lend your voices and reach out your hands to the needy elderlys.
Do soak in the fun for the day.
Be fascinated by the elderly’s art pieces and be immersed in the simple pleasures and warmth extended by our lovely elderlys. Our oldest aunty, Lo Mun will be 105 years old on 19 August 2007!
Here’s the programme for the day:
2pm       Assemble residents to event hall
2.30pm   National day song & birthday song fo our five special residents follow by cake cutting and coffee break
2.45pm   Reminise the happy moments of our last outing with the residents to the Singapore River, a place full of historical values
3pm       Volunteers expressing their love through joyous singing for the country and for the residents – Part 1
3.15pm   Games 1 & 2
3.40pm   Fireworks video display
3.55pm   Volunteers expressing their love through joyous singing for the country and for the residents – Part 2
Cheers & all the best,
Cui Xian & Catherine
Event coordinators
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3 Responses to National Day 2007

  1. meifang says:

    Wow! Well researched and great article put together for our FIRST ever National Day Celebration @ Brighthill! Well done! Especially the catchy flag and its explanations…very enriching…now i know…Anyway, hope we can continue to have this celebration every year since we are no longer celebrating winter solctice…(correct me if i\’m wrong). Happy National Day Holiday Everyone, See u at the home!    

  2. meifang says:

    Wow! Very resouceful and well thought through article…..I like the flag (very catchy) + explanations….very enriching…. Well done and well plan for our FIRST ever National Day Celeb… Hope we can celebrate National Day @ the Home every year! Cheers!

  3. Evergreeners says:

    Another great show put by Catherine and Cui Xian; thank you ladies and you never fail to surprise us. What I was even pleasantly surprised was See toh\’s singing, compere abilites. Apparently his hidden talents was never given a chance to show until this event; it was really a very pleasant surprise. Hope we will be able to unearth more talents in our volunteers moving forward..Thanks

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