Thank you! National Day Celeb 2007

A BIG THANK YOU to the following volunteers who came, helped and celebrated the National Day with the home residents of Bright Hill Evergreen Home.
Bel, Aunt Yen, Pui Yee & family, Choon Yen
Yashi, Jason, Amy, Li Yang
Jacqueline, Katherine
Joanne, Pauline
Seetoh, Kee Hoon, Molly, Mei Fang, Mun Hoe, Siow Har, Chung Tat, Lay Leng, Jane & son, Desmond
As the event coordinators, we believe in effective volunteering and we were grateful to volunteers who confirmed their presence prior to the event. Each time, we aim to create opportunities for each and every volunteer who sacrificed their afternoons to help us out, to make their presence important and meaningful to the home residents and to themselves. We hope you enjoyed our arrangement to involve you in the singing and game segments. Many of you have had joined us countless times and we deeply appreciate your continuous support. For the few who joined us for the first time, we hope we could draw you back to help us again in the near future.
Our SPECIAL THANKS to our sponsors for the cakes and coffee; to Aunt Yen (Bel’s contact) for her 1pm presence and coffee making; to Molly’s friend for her non-cream cake contribution; to Mei Fang & her family for ordering and carrying the duck meat; to Jane/Lay Leng for helping with the song sheets; to Mun Hoe for his photography; to Chung Tat for the projector and to Cui Xian for the technical support despite her busy work schedule. Volunteers, please share our blog with your sponsors.
Together, we had all contributed to the success of the first ever National Day Celebration at Bright Hill Evergreen Home. As Mei Fang said, let’s try and do it every year! Let the photos speak the joy and happiness that ALL YOU SPONSORS ANDVOLUNTEERS had brought to our birthday boys, girl and the other home residents who were present.
Through this event, we discovered a great potential in our veteran ‘soft spoken’ volunteer, Seetoh. He could sing and he made a good game leader too! Seriously, Seetoh had given the event coordinators great support and we want him to keep that spirit high and flying for the group. Keep up the great work, Seetoh!!
Till we meet again, GOOD HEALTH TO ALL!
Cui Xian & Catherine
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2 Responses to Thank you! National Day Celeb 2007

  1. Evergreeners says:

    hi Cath n organisers, kudos to U all for ur great efficiency, 2days aft performing n ur website has everythg. u must hv burn midnite oil to get this burnt ouch… ha
    Enjoy being wth u all n folks really, n truly frm heart.
    Keep the candle burning, we hv more of it anytime at ur call.

  2. Evergreeners says:

     Another fanastic show out up by Catherine and her new side kick Cui Xian. I had also the pleasant surprise of witnessing the hidden talents in See Toh that was not discovered before this evet. He sang and danced really well. Well done and keep it up and hope to unearth more talents in our volunteers in the future events..Thank you

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