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29 Sep 07 – A different afternoon!

A different afternoon at Bright Hill home for you and me…. ‘YOU’ referred to Seetoh, Mei Fang, Jane & boys (Darren & Desmond), Joanne, Kee Hoon, Hwee Seng, Cui Xian and Chung Tat. Together, we served a short notice to … Continue reading

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22 Sep 07 Mid Autumn Celeb@Bright Hill Evergreen Home

The elderly at Bright Hill Evergreen Home is often blessed with lots of care & love judging from the presence of many volunteers who turn for each event. Last Saturday, 22 Sep the home elderly experienced yet another warm gesture … Continue reading

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Mid Autumn 2007@Bright Hill Evergreen Home

What’s installed for this year’s Mid Autumn Celebration? Well…. I decide to put things down very briefly just to give all volunteers reading this blog a quick update of when they can come down to help and join in the … Continue reading

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Part 1 Mid Autumn Festival 2007

Time flies… the Mid Autumn Festival for the year 2007 is just around the corner!   Before I begin to share the plans of this year’s festive celebration and for those who love Chinese writing, you may wonder how the … Continue reading

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Second Bazaar for 2007

  Bazaar@Bright Hill Evergreen Home kicked off early in the afternoon of 8 Sep 07. Mei Fang walked in to find out that the bazaar had begun earlier than usual. Well.. that’s to prevent a stampede! Hehehe…   As the … Continue reading

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