Second Bazaar for 2007


Bazaar@Bright Hill Evergreen Home kicked off early in the afternoon of 8 Sep 07. Mei Fang walked in to find out that the bazaar had begun earlier than usual. Well.. that’s to prevent a stampede! Hehehe…


As the few volunteers rushed to display the bazaar items… our uncles & aunties wasted no time.. quite a few of them were seen coming closer and closer to get a better view of what we had got to offer. A similar scene at John Little where shoppers waited outside their glass door for their hot deals to begin at 9.30am. We were just short of a glass barrier.. At first, Uncle Siew was looking from where he was seated but not long after he wheeled himself to one side of the bazaar table where more and more items were displayed. Catherine jokingly reminded Uncle Siew that he instantly became a seller instead of a buyer unless he moved over to the opposite of the bazaar table! Uncle Siew returned a quick joke by saying he did not mind to collect money!! Hahaha..


Thanks to volunteer, Andrew who brought in some friends and students. They came in on the right day where help was needed to serve our heavy flow of elderly shoppers on wheelchairs, some of whom said they could not squeeze their way in so some volunteers helped to fetch some items for their selection.


Sales of most bazaar items were snapped up within half an hour! Some were complaining that they were looking for something and we didn’t sell them while there were some who insisted that they wanted more of certain items. To the committee, we believe we had done our best to conduct prior surveys and to decide on the range of essential items widely needed by the elderly. There were requests for oral pills which we could not fulfill as these were best left with the home doctors.


In the nutshell, we were proud to have been able to demonstrate our volunteer group’s mission to reach out to the hearts of the elderly and to meet/satisfy their essential needs at such low low prices.. even the cheapest ABC stores in Singapore could not beat our prices!!!



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