Part 1 Mid Autumn Festival 2007

Time flies… the Mid Autumn Festival for the year 2007 is just around the corner!


Before I begin to share the plans of this year’s festive celebration and for those who love Chinese writing, you may wonder how the Chinese character MOON was written in the olden days before it finally progressed to what it is now ? Take a look at the photograph no 9 in the 2007 Lantern Making Photo Album. 


Together with the home residents, our volunteers went through two sessions of lantern making craft on 8 & 15 September. We focused on using recycled materials. With the help of pictures, we guided the elderly in floral painting onto re-used plastic sheets. Some elderly helped to colour dull toilet roll cores and along with the help of volunteers’ creativity, the rolls were brightened up with different colours and little flowers. There were some who helped to fold coloured paper into fan-shaped articles and bundled old plastic flowers. These were all accessories which would contribute to the making of 2 large lanterns made of recycled cartons. We aim to complete the lanterns on 15 Sep and hang them up on 22 Sep when the celebration will take place at the home.


Using his calligraphy skills, Uncle Siew completed half of a long poem describing the full moon. Cui Xian will be encouraging two other male elderly to help finish the poem which will also be displayed on the day of celebration.


The process of the lantern making craft has been quite enjoyable both for the elderly and volunteers. Mid Autumn is a traditional festival which means a lot to the older generation. Volunteers involved are happy to share fun moments with the home residents.



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