Mid Autumn 2007@Bright Hill Evergreen Home

What’s installed for this year’s Mid Autumn Celebration? Well…. I decide to put things down very briefly just to give all volunteers reading this blog a quick update of when they can come down to help and join in the fun. For those who have already pledged their support, thank you in advance and to those out there, please do drop us an email or feedback just to let us know if you are coming.


Date of celebration: 22 September 2007 from 2pm to 5pm


Programme for the day (not in order):

1)  Chinese drum performance by Zhonghua Primary School students under their mentor, Benson

2)  Magician performance courtesy of Benson

2)  Volunteers will be grouped into two teams namely Chang e & her sisters and Hou yi & his gang. There will not be any rehearsals so its all about playing along with the narrator of the mid autumn legend as well as interacting as much as possible with the home elderly to create light hearted & fun moments.

3)  Group singing – songs selected in line with the festival

4)  Display of lanterns and poem written by some elderly

5)  Photo sharing

6)  Moon cakes & Chinese tea will be served to the elderly


After the event, I strongly encourage volunteers to pen their feedback on how they feel was the most catchy, touching, interesting, funny etc segments of the celebration and/or their overall feel of what had been done was good, not enough, could be better etc…




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2 Responses to Mid Autumn 2007@Bright Hill Evergreen Home

  1. meifang says:

     i may forget to pen the remarks after the event but will try…really excited and looking forward to the celebration…not forgetting my tasks to bring 10 suns, 80 xian dan & bubbles….see u all this sat! Let\’s not only hope for a good celebration, let\’s make one! Cheers! meifang

  2. meifang says:

     Hi, the celebration is over and thanks to Catherine and committee for making it a great one! And also thanks to Jane n her boys as their presence had liven up the spirits at the home. I think the most memorable item is the "appearance & performance" of the rabbit(s)… they really bring much joy, laughter & liveliness to the elderly. All the adults really cannot fight with them. The magician has also done a very good job and he touched many volunteers with his attitude and kind tips of the day. Let\’s all "jia you" together to make our saturday presence at the home, with the elderly a good one everytime.  cheers! meifang 

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