22 Sep 07 Mid Autumn Celeb@Bright Hill Evergreen Home

The elderly at Bright Hill Evergreen Home is often blessed with lots of care & love judging from the presence of many volunteers who turn for each event. Last Saturday, 22 Sep the home elderly experienced yet another warm gesture from these wonderful people who came to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival with them:


The principal, teachers, Karul, parents & students of Zhonghua Primary School

Benson, the mentor of the Chinese Drum Club

Mr Tay, the magician

Belynda, Choon Yen & parents


Jacqueline, Katherine & Ah Hong

Jane & her boys

Li Theng & Dasmond

Cui Xian & Joey

Joanne & her friends

Mei Fang

Lay Leng


Siow Har

Chung Tat

Mun Hoe


Firstly, a big thank you to our sponsors at DBS for the mooncakes. To Steven and his colleague for the special delivery of the mooncakes…Thank you!


A warm thank you went out to Mr Stephen Chua, the principal of Zhonghua Primary School who made his presence & support to the event.


Benson and the students made up of just one girl and boys were all back to the home for a third time. The students kicked off the event with their drum performance. In spite of their young age, these students put up a brave, energetic and uproar performance. 2 of the boys showed off their martial skills with the aid of a sword. They have definitely improve in their skills if you still remember their past performances. Well done, students!


Special thanks to Benson who never failed to add surprises to the performance. He brought many ‘shakers’ made of cans and beans for the elderly to play and interact during the finale performance of the drum group. Benson, your efforts are much appreciated…! Thanks to your suggestion & arrangement to bring in the magician.


To the magician, Mr Tay… congratulations on your successful and light-hearted magic show which kept the elderly watching with big eyes and open mouth. Mr Tay went through 3 surgeries and suffered from colon cancer. Today, he is proud to carry on with life and to do the things he likes. He urged the home elderly to stay positive and happy always. Thank you, Mr Tay.. you are our good role model!


To all adult volunteers & children…thanks for having responded to us prior to the event, directly or through your friends. This is important to ensure that we have enough hands to help out for the day. Your presence, participation, love, warmth etc etc… had certainly contributed one way or the other to a happy celebration. I hope you had all found time well spent with the elderly, make friends with the elderly as well as other volunteers and in the process, enjoyed yourselves. Feel free to view the photos which can be found on the right top corner of this blog and drop us your feedback. Simply click on ‘add a comment’ and type in your name & message. Thanks!


Within the volunteer group, the celebration process has seen more individuals showing their talent and potential to run future events. My hats off to Jane, Joanne, Cui Xian & Mei Fang!! Do come forward and share your ideas freely…. The volunteer group needs all your valuable contribution and the home elderly awaits to share your contribution!!




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5 Responses to 22 Sep 07 Mid Autumn Celeb@Bright Hill Evergreen Home

  1. Evergreeners says:


     Hi, the celebration is over and thanks to Catherine and committee for making it a great one! And also thanks to Jane n her boys as their presence had liven up the spirits at the home. I think the most memorable item is the "appearance & performance" of the rabbit(s)… they really bring much joy, laughter & liveliness to the elderly. All the adults really cannot fight with them. The magician has also done a very good job and he touched many volunteers with his attitude and kind tips of the day. Let\’s all "jia you" together to make our saturday presence at the home, with the elderly a good one everytime.  cheers! meifang September 23 8:26 PM(http://cid-b50f46c2e3ab1968.spaces.live.com/

  2. Evergreeners says:

    Hi,This is the first time that I have to speak in frontof so many people (the elderly and volunteers) withoutany notes or rehearsal. I am surprise that I "survive"as normally in this kind of situation I would getnervous. Pls pardon me if I made any mistake. My boysenjoyed themselves too. Especially Desmond. He was sohappy when I show him the photo on the blog. A greatthanks to Catherine for her time and effort to make theevent successful.CheersJane 

  3. Evergreeners says:

    Kudos to your good work.. I enjoyed the session.

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