29 Sep 07 – A different afternoon!

A different afternoon at Bright Hill home for you and me…. ‘YOU’ referred to Seetoh, Mei Fang, Jane & boys (Darren & Desmond), Joanne, Kee Hoon, Hwee Seng, Cui Xian and Chung Tat. Together, we served a short notice to clear and tidy the store room.


I would like to describe it as ‘good teamwork’ as practically no one was slacking. On the contrary, everyone worked hard to meet the afternoon’s goal. The home kindly sent two male staff to help us out on heavy stuff. The biggest and bulkiest item cleared was the Chinese drum!! No one actually remembered how it came about. However, one could imagine how much of fun and joy the drum and drummers had contributed in the past years. Looking at the rusty and tattered appearance, it certainly had its sentimental value. Sadly, we had to forgo the drum to make space for the home.


In the process, we cleared lots of ‘old’ stuff left behind from our ‘zhan pei’ volunteers. There were several boxes of art and craft items that clearly demonstrated the hardwork and creativity from our previous volunteers. According to veteran volunteer, Seetoh those were made in an effort to sell them to raise funds for the volunteer group. A closer look at the items showed that they had price tags on them. We managed to salvage a few boxes that are still of ‘appearance’ and ‘value’ and we would try our luck to sell them at the December carnival which is being organized by the Elderly Network Sector.


There was a box full of paper butterflies, colourful and pretty just to describe them. Most importantly, we knew these were meticulously folded by a male elderly, Wong Pak who now resides in AWWA located at Blk 123, Ang Mo Kio. Wong Pak really has a fond interest in making butterflies. 2 years ago when I visited some aunties at Blk 123, Wong Pak was around to help buy food for them and even travelled to Chinatown to buy Chinese New Year flowers for the aunties. He was then proud and determined to hold up a box which displayed his latest batch of butterflies. I was then impressed with what an elderly especially a ‘man’ could do to pass time. Unfortunately, Wong Pak’s health has weakened over the years and the aunties said that he dare not venture out of his quarters because of his frequent dizzy spell. Looking at the butterflies in the store room, it reminded me of Wong Pak, a fatherly looking figure…


Finally, we are pleased to announce that the store room and all of our group’s stuff are cleaned up and boxed up for future use. Even the dirt on the floor and corners were not spared. Thanks to Chung Tat and Ah Niu (Hwee Seng) for their good sweeping skills! And for those who knew the story about Ah Niu’s wallet.. Ah Niu had these to say… ‘thats why has to do more good deeds… example sweeping the floor…’ hahaha that literally meant ‘hao ren you hao bao’. It certainly was a great relief for Ah Niu!


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