A cheerful afternoon

The afternoon of 6 Oct 07 saw the home elderly in high spirits… they were all in good mood, smiling freely, responsive to conversations and happily cutting stamps and tearing envelopes. Hmmm… it must have been the savoury carrot cakes which not only filled up the elderly’s stomachs but left a lingering happy effect on each elderly to last them through the afternoon. Thanks to our hi-tea guys, Mun Hoe & Seeoh.

A warm welcome to Cui Xian’s friend, Michael who joined us for the first time. We hope to see him at the home more often.


Some elderly were aware that we cleaned up the store room on the previous Saturday. An auntie was concerned if we still had a place to keep the stamps and envelopes. I assured her that we are still using half of the room.


As Yahoo Photos is closing, I took the opportunity to pull back two old photo albums and upload them to this blog. The photos featured two separate outings in April 2005 and May 2006 to an Animal Farm and to Chinatown Heritage Centre respectively. Please find some time to view  the photos and for volunteers who helped out on the two outings, it may be a good way to de-stress yourself by looking at those happy faces!!





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