Fun & Laughter

 On 13 Oct 07, we have an enjoyable Sat. afternoon with lots of laughter and nice songs from the "unexpected"…ha..ha.. . I did not realised until today (thanks to Catherine’s idea & suggestions) that the elderly actually enjoyed singing Karaoke.

Not only that, we have two lovely "couples" – Kiwi & Joanne who performed for us – wow…phweet phweet (i.e. blow whistle lah) keep it up.
Another "still water runs deep" is Jane Tan – waoh…(for those who missed it, must come for the next session man). She is very powerful with her hokkien songs!!. She also does multi tasking, while waiting for her turn to sing, she actually sat at a corner and drew the envelopes (together with her son).
Let’s not forget Hwee Seng who is very "pro" – he sang most of the time (because some of us dare not come out to sing ‘cos of stage fright lah) – just like me lor…I need Catherine to sing along with me, just in case I could not read the chinese character – what a shame :(( . What to do, must act sporting leh.
Lastly we have Michael, another gung-ho chap who teases & flirt with the female elderlies – you know what – he sang and at the same time presented flowers to them – I think it really brighten up their days, it must have been years (I assume lah hor) that they have not receive any flowers from guys, let a alone a young handsome guy

Here I would like to encourage more volunteers to participate – it’s only a once a month activity, let us enjoy together with the elderly and also take this opportunity to polish up our singing skills and who knows, one day we can have our own "881" stage singing on every 7th month! – don’t laugh ok (but can giggle..heee….heee...).

On a serious note, I am really glad that our monotonous routine is coming back to "life" again, this is a real (first step) breakthrough for all.

We would also like to welcome back, our "long lost" Ivan & Mei Ling (husband & wife) – it’s been a while that we have not seen your presence, not forgetting Kiwi. & Shirley too.

Let’s keep our young spirit up all the time! – 3 cheers to the Greenteers

p.s. think we might get 3 more new volunteers this coming Saturday, 20/10 – managed to recruit on Sun 14/10 during the ESN – beginner workshop.

With Metta, Molly

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4 Responses to Fun & Laughter

  1. Evergreeners says: lively contribution indeed!! I fully agree with Molly on the contents of her blog. It was really great fun. I enjoyed myself too. I am sure we can explore other ways and means to make the next karaoke session a LIVELIER one! Let\’s work harder to encourage more elderly to sing with us. If you monitor closely, some elderly were humming away although they kept saying \’我不会..我不会\’  hahaha… we must catch these great pretenders. As for volunteers who had not sung, I would like to take it as they were just too courteous to pass on the singing opportunity to other volunteers J. I am sure they will put up a good show in our next karaoke session…  

  2. Evergreeners says:

    Hi all,I think we should interview the elderly on sat to findout how they think about the karaoke session. Do theyenjoy singing, listen to our singing or they stillprefer stamp cutting. Hwee Seng thought volunteerenjoyed more than the elderly. Maybe we might considerseparate into 2 groups. One to those who enjoy theentertainment and one to those who still prefer stampcutting, games or art work. So those who did notattend the karaokehe session will not be left out. Ofcousre we need more volunteer to be present to do so.I think this can be flexible. When we have morevolunteers present on that sat we will make thearrangement. Cheers, Jane

  3. Evergreeners says:

    With all the feedbacks that I hear over the last few days, I am sure our volunteers and the elderly had great fun during the karaoke session . I hear Hwee Seng is a pro singer,  there are hidden vocal talent of our volunteers in Jane, Molly, Catherine and new talent in Micheal and the duet of the year with Kiwi and Joanne. The elderly were singing along, I am sure with more sessions, they will be more forecoming and more hopefully will join in the merry. Well done…

  4. Yan Quan says:

    wonder who is going to read a comment on a quite old post. but… i am one of the \’3 new volunteers\’… hahas.

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