Karaoke Session 13 Oct




This was my second time involved in Karaoke at the Home. The first time I was the carefree example acting pedestrian crossing the road; carry umbrella  and nobody notice   etc…hehe   



It was a very different experience to lead elderly to sing song with us . The worries are most of the elderly’s dialect group is Cantonese ,and their favorites songs may be in 40s, 50s and 60 s which  they are more appreciated.In my experience, most of them dont speak or express much during the normal lesson. Question , how to warm and hit up the karaoke session ?


Prep and Commence


Well , lucky enough we had kitchen’s aunty as usual wearing the apron outfit to start  the session with a couple of nice  Cantonese Songs (majority of elderly are Cantonese ). All or majority elderly were quietly listening and eyes attentive to the screen.

 Next our best host and co- coordinator of every  events, Catherine started to interact  with the few elderly to participle. They  responded well especially the first row elderly . 

In the mean time, observed that   the rest of the volunteers behind the stage were tried to fill the gap  and  evenly spread out among the elderly . They were ready to guide the elderly  and encourage them to sing along with us . Great team spirit  .


Warmth Up


At about 3 pm ,  the sky started to cry . I was inspired by the weather to sing the hokkien song “ sky black black “, not sure after completed the song , the elderly and your face turn black black or not , but kept  to yourself if you turned black  : ). The next volunteer is our macho guy  kiwi whom has the strong vocal voice and follow by Cathrine, Joanne , and we had a song sang by Kiwi and Joanne…. Alot of variety …..


The atmosphere had warmth up after the few songs. The singing session  kept  flowing  with different language songs and singers ,  nice and sweet voices  like Molly , Jane and Son Daren  , Michael …. .   


Michael learn to Rock and elderly goes crazy


 Our newly born star from EMI;  Michael ( Cui Xian friend) , had touched some of her fans heart , giving flowers to the elderly while singing (hey , if there is best stage performance , I would  give a award to him ).


The nice and warmth gesture from Michael must had driven some of the elderly crazy

( don’t imagine that the elderly starts to stand and shout like crazy fans for the idol ). I  had realized some of the elderly started to request song ; and their expression were actually lighten.


I encountered one elderly requesting song but too bad not is in the song sheet . There was this elderly who had the vision problem actually expressed to me that song were sang very well.



Song sang by Uncle Siew and best performance


It was very encouraging that elderly requesting to sing song. Perhaps was Michael act inspired him to sing , hopefully the elderly can give him flowers (whom Micheal give)  but unfortunately . Michael shall present flower to him too .

. The song Uncle Siew  chosen was a difficult one ( rate of 10/10 ) , as need to catch a lot of breath, he managed to complete the song with the guidance from Cathrine to slow him down .


We had actually awarded the karaoke king to Uncle Siew for his best effort and courage.



Volunteers Effort


  All the volunteers were supportive and encourage the elderly to clap hands. Also observed volunteers approached and communicated  with elderly . It is the interactive session that keeps the session lively . 


As the whole , the session would not have complete without the present of the volunteers help and support.  It would be much much better if every volunteers that day can participate the singing.


 End Session  


 We ended our session with the Grand finale song “ better tomorrow “ but could not find it and finally chosen a song “ understand my heart “  , hopefully all the elderly enjoy the session .


Cathrine also gathered feedback from elderly if they would like to have karaoke session next month , and one responsed negatively  : (  , so I guess she had no choice but to follow majority.


Joke of the Day


 While Volunteers  helped the elderly to move to back to their seat , because the shortest path  was jammed , Kiwi suggested to take the highway PIE (the other side from the lift area ) ; indeed he reached earlier than us , guessed he traveled 100km/ h cause  I think that side no speed camera , and actually I imagined that the elderly hair stands up when he reached the place ……: ) kidding la…. .





Thanks for the present and  Time well spend .

Blessing all good health and happy always.

Have a great week ahead .  



Hwee Seng

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One Response to Karaoke Session 13 Oct

  1. Evergreeners says:

    Wow..wow..wow! another great contribution! I personally thought it was a good summary of the karaoke session paying special attention to the elderly\’s response and interaction between volunteers and the elderly. I knew you gave a lot of thought into how you could run the session successfully. Serious! Then on the actual day, you put on your best vocal despite recovering from a sore throat.. at the same time, you used your heart and ears to capture the gist of the afternoon. Brilliant! Keep those ideas and contributions coming, Hwee Seng….
    To Hwee Seng, Kiwi, Michael and our young Darren… continue to work on your vocals in the next karaoke session…you macho guys are going to rock the hearts of the elderly and leave a deep impression with them… Gee, we girls are going to be jealous and bet you, we will work doubly hard to impress…. hahaha

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