VivoCity Shopping Trip 08 Dec 2007

This is the second time we brought elderly to VivoCity for
our annual shopping trip.

Twenty elderly (all except one on wheelchair) joined us in
this outing.

As early as 2 pm, the elderly were already dressed and
anxiously waiting at the front desk. Some of them were armed with their
shopping bags! Many asked when are we setting off?

The program commenced with an Orientation of the HOME for
the Standard Chartered and new Evergreen volunteers. The volunteers were also
given a quick lesson on wheelchair handling by the Home physiotherapist.

Dark clouds gathered while we were loading the elderly into
the HWA and SBS Transit buses. We had to move fast, before it pours. It’s hard
work moving the elderly and their wheelchairs up the SBS Bus. (I wished there
were more macho male volunteers L like Darion and Kiwi…)

Luckily, our worries were unfounded as the sky behaved.

Upon reaching Vivo, the elderly rolled (literally) into
Giant with much exhilaration. I went around shooting photos of the volunteers and the
elderly. Looking at their bags and bags of goodies, now I can attest to why
shopping is one of Singaporeans favorite pastimes. Someone jokingly commented
that the goodies could last them for at least one month!

Dinner is served at the famous Dian Xiao Er restaurant on
Level 2. The manager has kindly arranged for the elderly to seated be outside
under the canopy facing the sea. Alfresco dinning with beautiful sea views!
(albeit the unsightly cranes and developments on Sentosa). We had a 6-course
dinner, including one dish known as the Longevity Soup. Uncle Siew commented
that this is the BEST dinner from all
the outings so far.

After dinner, the elderly enjoyed a stroll along the
promenade, soaking in the sunset and fine views, before we head back to HOME.

Before signing of, we would like to express our sincere
thanks to Standard Chartered Bank for sponsoring this annual
event, Woei Shiuan for planning the trip and all the volunteers who helped out
in this event.

Thanks for sharing your precious time and bringing joy to the
elderly in this festive season. We look forward to another GREAT outing with
you guys again.


(Mun Hoe on behalf of Evergreen Volunteer Group)

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