Carnival at YJC (15 Dec 2007)

It was indeed a fun-filled carnival for both elderly and

Organized by Elderly Sector Network (ESN), the planning
began as early as June this year. Volunteer groups from All Saints, BrightHill,
Kreta Ayer, Moral, Silra and Swami were roped in to organize the event.

BrightHill (helmed by Molly & Chung Tat) setup three
stalls to raise funds for our volunteer group. One stall sold soya bean drinks,
another sold the handicrafts 
(colorful paper butterflies and key chains) of our elderly and the third
one is a corner for our elderly to demonstrate their calligraphy.

Our stalls were modestly decorated with banners designed by
Celeste. She also prepared bookmarks containing our volunteer group info for
free distribution. Kudos!

Five elderly from the HOME, accompanied by staff, volunteers
and five young Scouts, came to the carnival.

All of us had an enjoyable time. The elderly played games
and feasted on snacks from the various stalls. They seemed to be not as agile
as before? Aunt Sim took a long time to reel in the fishes [Photo 3] and Uncle
Choong had several misses at the ball game [Photo 16]. Another well sought
after activity is photo taking with Santa Claus! Those elderly participating
were given a Polaroid photo after the shot.

Lucky draws were also conducted at regular interval
throughout the event. Our elderly netted three prizes in total. Not bad!

I must also mention that our chairman CT was one of the MC
for this event. He effortlessly translated and spoke in Mandarin, English and a
few Dialects.

Rounding up the event is a medley put up by both elderly and
volunteers. There was a traditional folkdance by Silra Home, unplugged singing
by an elderly, a mesmerizing harmonica performance by another elderly (i like
this one), Wushu performance by a young kid, Hokkien songs and Group singing by

Needless to say, the soya drinks were the best seller (since
everyone needs lubrication once in a while). Our butterflies did not fly and
the key chains continued to be chained. However, a delightful surprise came
from the calligraphy corner. A kind gentleman requested our uncle to write a
few Chinese words for him [Photo 13], and he donated
$50 worth of coupons.

Just to share with you guys:

After returning to the Home, Aunt Chan [Photo 17] shook my
hand and thanked us profusely. Uncle Choong [Photo 11] kept reminiscing about
the carnival on the way back. Aunt Sim [Photo 20] gave one of the soft toys she
won to Yan Quan, in appreciation for wheeling her around. According to one of
the nurses, Uncle Soh [Photo 7] look forward so much to this outing that he
repeatedly reminded them since early morning.

Imagine how much joy the carnival has brought to these
elderly J
(If i can rewind the clock, maybe we should have brought
more elderly along.)


Mun Hoe

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