Chinese New Year 2008

As pretty Joanne commented, ‘wow….today full force…’ Indeed, we had a good number of volunteers who turned up last Saturday, 19 Jan 08. Yan Quan & Xiao You being the babies of our group brought their youthful spirit with them and resourceful Cui Xian got her colleagues to join her. Welcome, Kenneth & Erica! Both were seen smiling and mingling with the elderly throughout the stamp cutting session. Please visit the elderly and join in the activities as often as you could.


Thanks ALL for being so supportive and helpful during the meeting. The CNY celebration at Bright Hill Evergreen Home (BHEH) is confirmed on 16 Feb 08. Please arrive at BHEH by 2pm or earlier for a quick briefing & preparation. I will be there at 1pm. Please dress in your bright colours like red, pink & orange to add to the festive spirit! 


Besides our own volunteers, I would be counting on Molly to rope in the VAD group of friends and if any of you have a few friends, colleagues or relatives to help out, that will be good. Please indicate all your presence by leaving your notes in ‘Add A Comment’. We too value your other feedback & comments. THANKS!!


Our meeting ended with a happy note with a task for almost everyone:


Chung Tat – possibly Fortune God; logistics; representative to receive the lion dance team and lead them to greet the elderly on the upper floors


Lay Leng – work with Chung Tat and lead the lion dance team to upper floors


Mun Hoe – liaise with WS about volunteer support in the kitchen; coordinate the purchase of mandarin oranges; logistics; photographer


Kee Hoon, Siow Har, Kenneth & Erica – pack oranges and Floor ICs for giving out game prizes


Kiwi – possibly Fortune God; logistics; song IC 1


Seetoh – logistics; song IC 2


Hwee Seng – logistics; song IC 3


Michael (Cui Xian’s colleague) – song IC 4


Joanne – prepare a short & funny script for the appearance of the ‘pigs’ and ‘mice’. MC for the full celebration


Cui Xian – MC with Joanne for the full celebration


Mei Fang – coordinates the arrival of Fortune God costume; prepares props for the ‘pigs’ and ‘mice’; work with Joanne and lead the children who are acting


Jane – Game IC 1; work with Joanne/Mei Fang and lead the children who are acting as the ‘pigs’ & ‘mice’


Darren, Desmond & possibly Cui Xian’s relative kids – our cast for the ‘pigs’ & ‘mice’ and distribute of oranges to the elderly


Yan Quan – Game IC 2


Xiao You – Game IC 3


Molly – coordinate with VAD volunteers on their help for the celebration; represent your friend in the ang pow distribution with Fortune God; Floor IC leading some VAD volunteers to interact with the elderly throughout the celebration


Other volunteers – please work with Molly


Catherine – liaise with ZHSS teachers for the Chinese Drum & Chinese Orchestra performance




Event coordinator 



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12 Responses to Chinese New Year 2008

  1. Evergreeners says:

    Yes Madam!. Noted and will follow up. Have a pleasant week ahead! – cheers, Molly

  2. Evergreeners says:

    Hello… Catherine, I will be there. I will be helping WS in the kitchen if that is possible… celeste

  3. Evergreeners says:

    Hi Catherine!
    Wow! so much fun awaiting for the upcoming CNY celebrations!
    What a pity, I hv to work full day on that Saturday and unable to join you guys for the event.  Do enjoy & Gong Xi Fa Cai in advance!

  4. KH says:

    Hi Catherine,
    My friend, Luisa, would be there to help as well.  (She came to the home twice before last year.)  But, she will only be at the home after 2pm.  
    She dun mind helping in any activity.  Says so long as dun ask her to sing in dialect, its ok.  She also wants to experience serving dinner to the elderlies.  🙂
    Kee Hoon

  5. meifang says:

    Wow Thanks Catherine for again taking her precious time n effort to organise the CNY event. I\’m sure it\’ll be a success. Really grateful to Joanne, Cuixian, Yanquan, Xiaoyou n all the friends u all brought to the home. We need new sparks to liven up our spirits! I\’ll be there on 16Feb but for the next 3 Sats, i may not be able to go down 😦 attending course, gatherings etc. But i\’ll try to go.
    As for the masks, tot of buying nice masks so that the children can keep for sourvenir but all masks of mice & pig themes are SOLD OUT! Didn\’t managed to buy any off the shelf 😦 But i\’ll make them….hahaha…. not a problem for me.
    OK, will pen off now, Wish all of you: XIN NIAN KWAI LE, WAN SHI RU YI. See u on 16Feb! 

  6. Yan Quan says:

    I will be able to make it for the new year\’s celebrations at the home.
    have a good weekend=DDDD

  7. Evergreeners says:

    Wow…very impressive with all the details of the Rat year and all the tasks already being delegated..Thanks Catherine..could not asked for more..I will be there…Looking forward to another fun filled celebration ahead..I will be on business trip next week and see you on the 16th Feb

  8. Evergreeners says:

    The Greenteers

    Hi Catherine,
    It\’s been a long time since I last visited the Home and I really miss having fun with you guys & the old folks. Pls count me in for the coming CNY celebration, I will check out my emails for more updates. By the way, I will be away during CNY from 06-Feb to 10-Feb.
    See you.
    Karen Lim January 26 10:15 AM(

  9. Evergreeners says:

    I will be coming down for the new year celebrations at the home.
    I can ask a few friends down if needed, but i think they will all give a really late reply as to if they are coming or not.
    happy weekends ahead… hahas=DDDJanuary 25 5:21 PM(

  10. Evergreeners says:

    ok.Cui Xian just rang to confirm that her mum and friends would sponsor love letters and kueh baulu for the elderly for hi tea on 16 Feb. These are just light snacks as we do want the elderly to enjoy the special dinner later that day. Cui Xian will rope in her relatives and friends to help so I will engage them to take charge of snacks distribution. Cui Xian spends quality time at work and with family and hardly blog or serve the net, not even checking her emails..hahaha so that explains her slow response to my email and request for reply. But she is definitely all out to volunteer and help in whatever way she can!
    As for Kee Hoon\’s friend, Luisa welcome aboard..please help Kee Hoon in the packing of oranges and game prizes.
    I am still hoping to see more responses from volunteers…waiting with great anxiety and patience….

  11. Evergreeners says:

    Thanks Cat, That\’s a great start to the 1st event of the year. Count me in :)Cheers (Mun Hoe)

  12. Evergreeners says:

    Hi Catherine
    I will be coming on 16 Feb with my kids. Darren might bring his friend along but not confirm.
    Happy Lunar New Year to you and all volunteers.

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