Talking about CNY 2008


The CNY celebration was indeed very impressive. We had Fortune God giving out angpows, little rats n pigs stories (though many elderly did not know what’s going on), lion dance that interact with the elderly, good chinese orchestra performance by junior students, just the right amount of songs and games as fillers throughout the show and not forgetting the delicious dinner "man han quan xi" which means alot of perspiration behind the scene…ahaha

If it is not for the organiser, Catherine, we will not be able to put up such a good show. I remembered our own volunteers used to perform our own amateurish lion dance, simple celebrations etc but now, the elderly look forward to our festive celebrations with more enthusiasm cos they know, we will not fail them.  Thanks to Catherine for making it BIG for all the celebrations and we look forward to your leadership in near future events. Of course, will give our little suuport in any way we can.

To all who had turned up on 16 Feb 2008, i’m sure u had had a good time and we look forwad to your future visits. Wish everyone good health and a blessed year of rat!    



CNY 2008

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