March & April 08 activities

8 March 08
Karaoke session – all are welcome to join us
29 March 08
Bazaar cum game stalls and maybe, coffee/snack stalls
For the traditional bazaar sale, we will be selling a conservative range of products and a few specially requested items. We are looking at replenishing the following items:
1)      cup noodles – any brand – qty 60 cups (eg 75g per cup)
2)      ‘Axe’ brand medical oil – qty 50 bottles (eg 10ml per bottle)
3)      Toilet rolls – any brand – qty 30 rolls
4)      ‘Dettol’ soap bars – qty 20 bars
5)      ‘Snake’ brand prickly heat body powder – qty 20 tins (eg 100ml per tin)
6)      ‘Cussons’ or any other brand baby powder – qty 5 bottles
7)      Cotton face towels, square, small – qty 10
8)      ‘Hazeline’ snow cream – qty 5 (eg 50gm)
9)      Kitchen paper towels – qty 12 rolls
10)  ‘Mopiko’ cream – qty 5 tubes
11)  Pork floss –
12)  Peanut butter, creamy – qty 5 smallest bottles
We appeal to volunteers and their friends to donate the items and/or donate cash (any amount) for us to buy and run the event. You may wish to explain to your friends who are interested to donate that we are selling most items at very very cheap prices from 20 cents onwards. To many elderly, they welcome our bazaar sale as it offers the cheapest stuff and it gives them the opportunity to shop and buy what they need and like. They feel good about buying with their own money. Popular items are usually snapped up very quickly. Why not join us to witness this group of happy and satisfied ‘customers’!
Besides, there will be game stalls to entertain and interact with the elderly. We can open up 4 to 5 game stalls; 2 are taken up by Jane & Siok Hoon/Ghim Boon. Please indicate your interest and areas of help by 14 March 08. Thanks!
April 08 – tentatively, there will be an outing for about 20 elderly mostly wheelchair bound. The outing will start at 2pm till about 7pm. The day’s expenses include cost of transport, snacks and dinner for elderly/volunteers and will amount to approximately S$800. We appeal for cash donations. Please indicate your interest to donate (any amount) by 31 March 2008.
Event coordinator
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