brighthill t-shirt design

Cuixian and I are thinking of doing a t-shirt for brighthill volunteers… we came up with a design and cuixian has come in contact with a supplier.

the t-shirt front. logo to be placed at top right-hand corner, around the size of our fist.
(the logo is taken from the blog, does it have any copyrights?)
the t-shirt back. stretched across the width of the shirt.
-type of t-shirt (round-necked, polo tee, cotton, dry-fit material?)
-colour of t-shirt
-colour of design on t-shirt (more colour = increased price)
-logo to be printed or embroidered
-cost of t-shirt (reasonably, should be around 15 bucks each)
-number and sizes of t-shirt to be ordered
cuixian will discuss some of the details this saturday at the home.
and please do give opinions and suggestions to improve the t-shirt design.
hopefully, we will be able to collate the sizes and number of t-shirts and send them for printing soon=D
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9 Responses to brighthill t-shirt design

  1. Evergreeners says:

    Great  idea…There is no copyright issues as one of ex-volunteer designed it for our own volunteer group and the de

  2. Evergreeners says:

    Great idea..There is no copyright issues as one of our ex-volunteer designed it for our own volunteer group and I am sure we all sure look good in it and I am looking forward to laid my hand on it..I will go for lighter colour so that when we go for outing, it will not be so hot..Thanks for the idea and efforts…

  3. Evergreeners says:

    Firstly, I like to think that the idea is associated with a strong sense of belonging and love for the volunteer group as a whole. I treasure this ‘bonding’ and will like to put my hands up to support this fabulous thought and initial work created by Yan Quan & Cui Xian. Thanks, girls!  
    Copyright?! I think not an issue ‘cos logo created by a volunteer for the group.. Chung Tat or other veteran volunteer can clarify this…
    I may not see you all on 15 March. These are my views:
    1) to go with the word ‘Evergreen’, is light green a good colour for the T-shirt with logo and words ‘the evergreeners’ printed in darker green and other words in black on the back of T-shirt.
    2) cotton material may be comfortable to all especially for those with sensitive skin, if any? Otherwise dry fit seems ok
    3) polo T-shirt may be smarter
    4) good to have samples of S, M & L for viewing.. sometimes I can fit into ‘S’ heehee..

  4. Evergreeners says:

    I seconded Yan Quan & Cui Xian\’s idea.
    Since I will not be there on this coming Sat, 15/3, may I propose the following:-
    Cotton Polo Ts or round neck Ts is ok but not the dry fit material as it could be quite thin and is not so comfortable for the ladies (you know what I mean).
    As for the colors, since we call ourself greenteers; what about pastel green, apple green (not those shocking colors lah).
    Ok, the rest I will leave it to you people to debate and discuss over it.
    All the best and see you on Sunday for the Tree-top-walk!

  5. meifang says:

    Good initiatives to come out with our own tee… personally i prefer round neck, light colours or white is fine with me too… not too bright or "luminous" …don\’t want us to be mistaken as Lion Dance troupe…Or another idea could be to buy those cheap giodarno round neck colour tee and print on them… in this way, we can have a variety of colours but SAME design…Unity among differences (just like all of different but able to work well together)… Just a thought.

  6. Evergreeners says:

    How about lime green?!?!?! hahahah shocking colour but its quite nice on a shirt. Our track tee a few years ago was this colour and it didnt look too bad. I think green is a nice colour. My class is planning on green for our class tee and my sister\’s class tee is in a very nice shade of green. I could bring it to show this Sat if anyone wants to look.:)

  7. Evergreeners says:

    it is fine with me, as long as the majortiy agrees it would be good.
    But always remember do not choose materials that cling to body
    and "transparent" type – cotton is always good and like what Catherine
    said polo is smart.
    Thanks for your effort & have a pleasant weekend to all!

  8. Evergreeners says:

    Wonderful gals…  Thanks for bringing it up. Its a great idea to have our own Tee. Actually, we have been wanting to do it for years, but never got round to doing it..  :(Could we also sew / print our name somewhere on the Tee, i.e. around the arm or at the front or back of the Tee ? How much more would it cost to have it customised ? If we were to get it customised, we should also have some "uncustomised" ones, so that we could give them to ad-hoc volunteers helping out at our major events.  Regards,= Prawn =

  9. Evergreeners says:

    Xiao You
    Bring along your colour sample of green for us to view..a lot of good suggestions..For printing of T-shirts, the first batch will tend to be a pricey as they need to create the template for the designs but the subsequent batch should be cheaper if we go back to the same vendor as they already have our template (this is to cater for the later batch of volunteers who may join us)..

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