Beautify the HOME!

I have been in contact with the Art department of Zhonghua Sec School regarding the painting of a wall mural. The Home is happy with the idea, just waiting for details of mural theme(s) for their approval.

Teachers and students of the school would be doing it as a CIP project and are most delighted to take part.

Painting will take place after the mid year examination and during the June school holidays.

If need be, I will arrange a home visit for the teachers and students.

Will keep you all updated….

Please let me know if you support this idea. Basically, its all about bringing more colours and life to Bright Hill Home!




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3 Responses to Beautify the HOME!

  1. Yan Quan says:

    hahas… so fun… i want to paint too=DDD

  2. Evergreeners says:

    Sure! Good initiatives to beautify the home… as long as the paintings "look" happy, calm and soothing… the elderly n us will like it…hee hee 
    Maybe like flowers n butterflies, rainbow etc. hahaha
    All the best for a more beautiful Brighthill Evergreen Home!

  3. Mok says:

    AHh! i wanna paint too! so exciting!!!!! where is the mural gonna be? i think we should draw nice and fun pictures and paste them on the walls upstairs, so the elderly who cannot come down will be able to experience some joy too, however minimal it might be.

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