Outing for Volunteer_16Mar2008

We were "lucky" to be blessed with beautiful n fine weather this a.m. We completed the walk to tree top as well as Jelutong Tower and ended the walk at Venus Drive Carpark n Lornie Rd respectively in about 2.5 hours!

After tree top and Jelutong Tower, we split into 2 teams: Team 1- The CAR team & Team 2- The KAH (leg) team.

Team 1 proceeded back to their CARS in Venus Drive and Team 2 proceeded on, walking on their KAHS to Lornie Rd.

Some interesting discoveries were spotted on the hike:

~ There are public parking lots available just outside Singapore Island Country Club! These are new lots n its good news to the CAR team. They have a shorter distance to tree top walk next time. Yahoo! 

~ For the KAH team, we were very priviledged to be escourted by POLICE for about 100m from forest to Lornie Rd. The POLICE n ARMY stood by us all the way until we board the bus! It would be PERFECT if they were to greet us SELAMAT DATANG! Actually, we were SOOOO priviledged today n we were very lucky that we did not bum into…. u know who…

Many, many THANKS to the following for making the outing so SUCCESSFUL! They are:

Team 1 – The CAR team: See Tow, Molly, David, Angela n husband (Molly’s "old" friend since she was 17!)

Team 2 – The KAH team: Jane, Darren & cousin, Yanquan & Meifang

Look out for our next outing for volunteers! Haffa good week ahead!






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2 Responses to Outing for Volunteer_16Mar2008

  1. Evergreeners says:

    Aha..forgot to share that my son was on emergency call for patrol duty in that area! heehee just joking lah..he just returned on Sunday morning from Tekong from his guard duty. Thank goodness..you were not held up like those trucks at the Causeway or I will be receiving SOS calls for food, mosquito repellent etc etc! Seriously, my heart was with all of you while attending to something else so I could imagine how much fun there was especially with the presence of Darren and Yanquan!

  2. Evergreeners says:

    Thanks for organizing the outing. We enjoy the outing too and now I know how to get to the bridge.

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