Bazaar 23rd March

Bazaar – 23rd March 2008
(for details, check out the photo album=D)
the only amusing fact for me is that
medicated oil/风 油 is one really wanted item for the elderly.
then kumari and jacqueline are the toast-bread and coffee ppl.
mun hoe is the photographer.
kee hoon, mei fang, lay leng, mervin and hwee seng are the sell-stuff-ppl
jane, darren and desmond are games.
ghim boon and siok hoon also created their own game
xiaoyou, dawn, amanda and yanquan are games too.
chungtat and molly just going around to oversee stuff and 搞 气 氛 .
catherine kept going back to the dining hall to persuade the elderly to play a game or two
basically, it was lots and lots of fun.
then we actually have a debrief session,
which wasnt very successful since the it was raining and kindda noisy.
so the general feedback is to be more organised and orderly,
in running the whole bazaar.
but i think it’s still okay lah. (dun put the stress on catherine mah)
like 这 样 乱 乱 杂 杂 的 , 还 有 意 思 嘛 。
more rowdy and got more 气 氛.
anyway, more organised means more effort in planning,
but i don’t think people like myself will be that committed right.
like xiaoyou, mandy and me,
we have been talking about the gamestall for weeks,
but it’s like only today that we decided what we wanted to set-up,
since everything is just in the store.
so you kindda get the idea, yeah.
so although i dunno how much effort and cash is put into resourcing for all the products we had for today,
today 真 的 满 好 玩 的,
and it will be quite cool if there will be another bazaar soon=DDD
cant wait for more events to come up=DDD
Yan Quan =DDD
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2 Responses to Bazaar 23rd March

  1. Yan Quan says:

    feel super dumb but how do you \’edit post\’?
    i forgot to leave my name…
    so it was me, yanquan who posted…

  2. Evergreeners says:

    hey good effort..Yan Quan & Mun Hoe for your super fast action..Yan Quan, I added names that you dunno (you are forgiven..haha) and to edit, simply click on your post heading and \’edit\’ will be just at the top…
    yeah..rowdy, noisy, disorderly so what?..\’cos we already achieved our objective..HAPPY & SATISFIED ELDERLY..this group of ppl hardly had the opportunity to shop for their needs and at such cheap prices!! an uncle who already bought lots of things said..\’what else can i buy?\’ he was so eager to spend!
    for the games, I thought all 3 teams did their best and interacted cheerfully with the elderly…this being a first experience for most of you..its a good job worth keeping up!!
    while persuading the elderly to return to join in the games, I realised that a handful of elderly were actually quite appreciative and supportive when I said the volunteers out there running the games needed their support and encouragement to contribute more to the home in the future..even my challenging target – the \’fierce auntie\’ (Soo Wong Sum) nodded to return…:)
    at the end of the bazaar session when I went round to \’tease\’ the elderly..they were all putting on great smiles..and some of them repeatedly thank us for the effort & work that the volunteer group had done.
    during the debrief, we identified two things that needed improvement on our next bazaar..(1) more tables & sitting capacity for the food stall and (2) more volunteers to maintain a swift and orderly shopping crowd..hahaha point (2) is going to be challenging with our elderly (\’cos even normal adults don\’t behave when it comes to any \’sales\’ of \’cheap buys\’..hahaha) but it is a valid comment which is worth trying…Mervin, thanks!
    overall, GREAT job gals & guys!! it was an afternoon filled with much laughter, talking, eating and singing…..and most importantly, we demonstrated TEAM SPIRIT!!!

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