supplier 1 for t-shirt

2 colours for the front design (black and green)
1 colour for the back design
green cotton polo-tee.

For 20 pieces, it will be $21.50 each.
The green polo-tee is $16.50 by itself, while a normal round-neck tee is like $12. 

this is one supplier, the polo-tee is nice but it’s quite expensive

cuixian is checking out another supplier, so that we can have a better deal.

from there, then we will confirm our supplier, get the samples, collate the sizes that our volunteers want and send them for printing. yeah.

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One Response to supplier 1 for t-shirt

  1. Evergreeners says:

    Nice green..I quite like it..good planning & effort! will wait for further observation – not all volunteers enjoy wearing polo tee…may be good to check with supplier if they allow an order with mixture of round neck and polo tee to suit individual liking..

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