Karaoke – April 08

First of all , dun treat this mail as April Fool mail hor .


Turning Karaoke area into Lounge


For the next Karaoke session, proposing to be on 19 April 2008.

That day , we shall convert the usual place in to a Lounge.


Plan ,

1. Arrange the table and each table can have mixture of volunteers and elderly.The table should cover with presentable table cloth and pot of flowers . ( give you space to think ka from here …)

2. Then we can have a bar counter  for making coffee or tea ,cocktail,plate of fruit …  and to serve the drinks ( Kumari do you want to take up this duty , idea from Bazaar la), elderly has free flow of drinks.

3. Each table may have peanuts or fruit and everybody voulunteer on each table take turns to sing a song .


What do you think babes  and hunks . 


Not a april fool joke.



Hwee Seng

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7 Responses to Karaoke – April 08

  1. Evergreeners says:

    Frankly, I didn’t bother to read every word in that email… (offended?!)   hahaha… ‘cos one glance at it AND with a little visualization…I JUST LOVE IT !!  FUN, INNOVATIVE are just how I can describe it…
    WELL DONE, HWEE SENG…J you have my support!!
    Cheers & good day

  2. Evergreeners says:

    really love this very refreshing idea!
    "ON" – I\’ll be there to help – sounds very interesting but
    must try out especially putting of tables (if we could place
    small round tables) – let\’s see how – need to be there early for the
    set up arrangement :+))

  3. Evergreeners says:

    Good idea, but too.. bad i\’m not around on 19-Apr-08 lah!

  4. Evergreeners says:

    Very creative n good idea! Looking forward to the loune! Think may not need table cloth nor flowers.. just simple snacks, fruits n coffee is good idea…

  5. Evergreeners says:

    ya really too bad , Kumari will not be around for the bar counter , any seconder to support .
     The mail that I send out is the proposal and just the decoration of how we want to carry out this activity , and most important is the heart of giving which we already had 🙂 la …….
     will discuss further

  6. Yan Quan says:

    hahas… so cool… can eat, then sit down, then sing-along…

  7. Evergreeners says:

    Sorry for the late reply…had been in and out of office…very interesting idea and funky…I am sure our lounge singers and waiters/waiteress service level will be as good if not better the commercial ones..

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