HELLO we went recce-ing on saturday in preparation for the EXCITING 26 April outing! hmm. so er,
we were mainly checking out the route that we were going to take whether it was wheelchair friendly etc etc. sorry if some parts are not so detailed coz i’m a direction idiot. : D  we walked from dhoby there to our first destination, which is the arts college. We checked out the alighting point for the buses for both wet weather and dry weather and er, the art college is pretty sheltered. there are ramps and handles along the side of the school as well so yea if we need to move on we can move by the sides.
And then we looked in the school abit and we spotted some, er potential peeping spots. for the students, that is. their classroom ceilings have small glass windows which are abit transparent. ahahas. so like, dont wear skirts. or htey can look up: D then we saw the coffeshops which the ahgongs can go drink coffee, you noe, like split into 2 groups then the ahmahs can go to ROCHOR TAUHUAY: D CK treated us to tauhuay and we were comparing the two stalls. anyways! Catherine was saying the one that we went to had better service. the shop inside actually has quite an open space if there are no tables and chairs i feel, but its quite stuffy. on the other hand the outside might be abit narrow. but i think it should be fine too. and IMPT IMPT! the tauhuay stall has a toilet so the elderly can relieve themselves there. ithink the ah gongs at the coffeeshop should have toilets too?(i think we dint think about this). after we finished, we walked out and Xiaoyou was lucky enough to get pooed on by a happy passing bird. i was pretty grossed out when she tried to get near me. later we walked walked walked then there was this place that had a ramp blocked by a motorcycle. and the motorcycle shouldnt be there byu 26th apr. i think that platform should be quite useful for the wheelchairs but we were saying we need people to stand at the side, i dunno like a barrier.
-fill some walking and dunno what in-
And then, er er. what ar! i think we went to the temple next. the temple we will be helping the elderly with their josssticks and they will just pray outside coz it was really crowded but Catherine said it was because of some upcoming thing in the chinese calender. if i’m not wrong i think it was chu1 7 i think. there were many people la. alot alot. then we went to the dinnerplace(xiaoyou’s fave)– hotspot. we saw a cute black cat trying to cross the road. anyway! we are going to book 5 tables of which the volunteers will sit with their old folk. we were choosing the food choices then later we were trying to pull down the price coz they actually offered 80 per table i think. then later it was 85 though rice and tea is free flow. we finally pulled it down to 83 i think thanks to super pro Catherine. hahas. then it was time to go home! so yep. that’s about all i guess.
in reply to catherine’s comment: ah yes i forgot the church! the church is really old and it was some boy brigade thingo in the past. Catherine gave out materials she had researched and yep! we ARE gonna be TOUR GUIDES! like give a little history of the places we’re going. and erm we’re in the midst of arranging for the christian old folks to be able to pray in the church. yep.
dawn with the organizing com catherine, CK, cuixian, yanquan, hoon and xiao you: D
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2 Responses to 12 APRIL 08 RECCE!

  1. Evergreeners says:

    Aha..well done..quite a detailed input. Ar..missing.. the famous church and the bits and pieces of our history lessons? anyway, we are all going to read up the history notes and side-lined as tour guides on the outing day..are we not?!  Ho..ho..ho it will be good fun working with young & promising Nanyang girls!! 🙂

  2. Yan Quan says:

    hahas… so no comments… just want to tell dawn i got read=D

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