Outing for Volunteers to Chek Jawa on 13 APRIL 08!

It was wonderful to see so many people turned up at Changi Jetty for our volunteers’ outing on 13 Apr.  Our group was BIG with 20 people headed to Pulau Ubin for a BIG funtime.

In fact, alot of us have been waiting for the low tide @ Chek Jawa for a long time and we finally have a chance to do the boardwalk!  With no guided tour, we were unable to get Up Close n Personal to the sea creatures but some sharp volunteers spotted different types of crabs: single pincer (Left or Right- handed), hermit crabs, jelly fish, mudskipper, soft corals, mussles, oyster n even scallops! Thinking of what to cook for dinner?    

Some of us were strolling slowly on the boardwalk but some were quite fast… 1 moment i was pointing out to my sister the camourflaging mudskipper and the next, many were out of my sight when i looked up. 

Anyway, i think most have seen enough, there are just so "many" things u can see on the boardwalk unlike the "shorewalk guided tour". (Sounds so sour grapes) Will try to see if we are lucky to get a guided tour next time…

After the boardwalk of about 1km,we ended up at the tower overseeing chek Jawa wetlands.  As usual, we took a group photo but what was special this time round was that an ELDERLY man whom we have NEVER met joined us in the photo-taking!  Maybe he can sense that most of us are volunteers for the ELDERLY and got acquainted with us.  Quite a friendly n sociable elderly man.  He seems to enjoy spending time with "youngsters" like us.  We should learn from his attitude, it doesnt matter, "Just Do It"

After photo-taking, it was time to proceed back to the jetty for a drink before moving on… we unloaded ourselves at the jetty after a "worrying about the cyclists’ safety" ride from chek jawa and had a short break. Some of us took toilet breaks, photo-taking breaks, exhibition viewing breaks, "fishes spotting" breaks, staring at the sea breaks etc, etc.  We headed for a refreshing coconut juice to re-charge ourselves from the hot weather but See Toh ordered something special; he ordered a "HOT coconut" … Wondered how it tasted? Ask the plaintiff

After the water break, we decided to head back to mainland as it was too to hike around the island and as such, we bum-boat back to changi jetty, had lunch (so many famous Nasi Lemak Stalls but unfortunately, NO vegetarian food for some of our volunteers)  and dismissal thereafter.

Many thanks to those who turn up for the outing, hope u had had a good time like me

Presenting certificate of attendance to: Catherine, Molly, David, Siow Har, Mun Hoe, Lay Leng, See Toh, Hwee Seng, CK, Cuixian, Claris, Fion, Jeffrey, Woei Shiuan, Daniel, Jacqueline

See you next time!






Chek Jawa

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2 Responses to Outing for Volunteers to Chek Jawa on 13 APRIL 08!

  1. Evergreeners says:

    Wow..a captivating post with lots of colours and emoticons!! YES! I had a great and refreshing time, at least away from my routine (probably washing toilets on that Sunday morning..:(). It\’s all good fun with friendly Ubin people & drivers who kept our trip a more memorable one. Thanks for all the coordination, Mei Fang! Xie Xie…

  2. meifang says:

    "bu ke qi"… Just "playing" my small role … besides, i love to "play n have fun"… See u at the home!

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