Karaoke on 19 Apr 2008

I was very happy that my friend, Alice sang during the karaoke session last sat. She was an "old" friend of mine and we lost contact few years ago but got linked up again. You may not know this, Alice is quite quiet and she does not have many friends and she wanted to join me for volunteer work so as to better occupy her time during weekends as her husband usually works late.

When she stepped into the home, she is very shy and is worried that she will give me trouble and she is also not ready to handle wheelchair, does not know what to do n how to approach the elderly. She speaks Hokkien but not cantonese. She feels a bit "out of place". I think that’s 1 of the reasons, she dragged her mum along.

She said to me quietly that, " Meifang, i dont know anything but i only know how to sing." I said, it’s alright, you can sing for the elderly.

I passed her the mic for our "Grand Opening" and she sang, "ni zheng mer shuo" by Late Teresa Teng. The audience including myself were captivated by her performance! Lay Leng said that she is like a "changed person" when she sings, sounds professional! Like a hermit crap, she really came out of her shell and gained confidence when she sings and she does it so well!

And so, i "scheduled" her to sing every now and then so as to occupy her "effectively".

Alice called me just now to thank me for giving her a chance to sing for the elderly and she said that our volunteers are very friendly. I told her ALL the BHEH volunteers are VERY nice people . She also asked if the elderly enjoyed her singing and i told her absolutely!

Actually, what i’m trying to say is … Everyone of us has our strengths and weaknesses…

"For every problem, there is an opportunity";

"The right man is the one who seizes the moment.";

"Love what you do, then you don’t have to "work" any day of your life (or something like that)"

Hope we can better ourselves each and everyday and stay happy n cheerful always!


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