Review Turning Karaoke to Lounge Area

Thanks to all loving and thoughtful BHEH evergreens’ volunteers for supporting this event. Great Effort !!!!
Special thanks to Mei Fang’s friend who had participated generously the singing and brought joys to the elderly. Thanks to Kitchen Crew ( Jenny and the gang)who lead the first few songs. Most encouraging was some new voices, Seetoh , Kee Hoon ,the Couple and Jac …and  for those who missed that day , more chances for future and you can play a bigger role too.
We have plenty of singers  , hoping to hear more new voices.
Elderly Home Idol
It seem we can organise the elderly home idol for the monthly karaoke, so that I can  idle around…. he he .
We may reckon to extend this session of karaoke to the nurses ( kitchen crew is the must since they like to sing ) who had been helping at the home for that 1.5 hour.
Busy Elderly
They were more elderly than expected, full house, they all wanted the circus seat. We arranged 3 tables and added up had to set up another table to accomodate them.Elderly were involved and engaged in karaoke in the way they were not just listened to our song , watched the MTV  (lucky no swim wear),but were also busy crunching the tibits ( must be very crispy, thanks to the ideal and also the paper box container ), drinking coffee .Some started to ask for coffee,they were busy , wow , the atmosphere was good espcially volunteers were also communicating with elderly ( do you want more tibits , more coffee , coffee O , coffee koso ,nobody ask whether need to go loo ..he he he…..) … 
I believe the activities brought them back to the old good days. eat , drink , play , joy …. 
I hope they really enjoy if I dont interpret wrongly. he he , at least something new for them.
What is next ?
If we are tired of Karaoke , sure we will,hard to satisty eveything right , we can change to movie session , switch off the hall light (use table cloth as curtain ), stimulate the area to cinema environment, guide the elderly to buy ticket from one corner , ask elderly to present ticket at the entrance and keep the ticket  , we have pop corns , tibits ,kachang stall …coffee too ….in the middle of movie , someone can comes in with torchlight to check ticket..NC60 category .(HEY this blog can joke or not ? )  The first movie maybe 881 loh….. Another idea and space for you to think…..
just a small contribution,
Hwee Seng.  
Thanks for the compliment, n i am not that great la, defects and flaws here and there .
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