Hi wonderful volunteers!!!


On behalf of the organizing committee, THANK YOU ALL for choosing to volunteer with us, the Evergreen Volunteer Group and devoting your precious Saturday afternoon with the Home residents. Together, we walked…perspired…sang…laughed…and did some crazy busking on Waterloo Street… many thanks to Sam, his wife & Willie for their guitaristic performance. It was indeed an enjoyable and memorable outing and without all your help, it could not have been this successful..!!


May I dedicate this little version to one and all out there….(could Joanne and Molly please extend this thank you note to your colleagues/friends/guitarists)


B eat the heat and traffic lights

R each out for the streets and

I   nto the beancurd shop & kopitiam

G ladly the elderly tuck into their snacks

H appily & sincerely praying

T o Jesus or Goddess of Mercy and


H igh we feel as volunteers sing merrily to the elderly and many onlookers

I  n the heart of Waterloo Street

L ifting the spirit of volunteerism

L etting out our love and care to Bright Hill elderly


H otspot is the special dinner place

O h no..some say it sounds like a pub

M agically it is a place for good food

E at to our hearts’ content and seal our trip with sweetness…


We look forward to your future support.



Catherine Chan together with organizing committee members CK, Cui Xian, Dawn, Hoon, Xiao You & Yan Quan


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4 Responses to JALAN JALAN TRIP ON 26 APRIL 2008

  1. Evergreeners says:

    Great Job Done! Hooray!!!

  2. Yan Quan says:

    hahas… yeah, it was a great day that day.
    just want to say that Catherine really put in a lot of effort in planning for this outing,
    as we can see for ouselves and also behind-the-scene.
    maybe everyone have different levels of commitment to bright hill,
    but Catherine\’s involvement is still commendable=D
    so i really had a lot of fun last saturday,
    and i want to thank everyone for being there with us and making what happened really happen=D
    i want to have an outing every month or two…
    and if only money falls from the sky… (haiz…)

  3. Evergreeners says:

    I would like to congratulate the whole event organising team led by Catherine for a great and excellent event outing last Saturday..First of all, we had a record turnout of elderly for outing 25 in total and all in wheelchairs for a long while and that was an achievement in itself. The planning was meticulous and from the moment we set out from the home, it was plain fun and enjoyable along the way till we hit home. A lot of the elderly were reluantant to go back to the home after the trip and that sum it up all on the fun and the good food that they had. Thank you to all and many who helps out in one way or the other.

  4. Evergreeners says:

    Thanks for organising such a meaningul event for us volunteers!
    The outing has been as enjoyable for us as for the elderly.
    Kudos to the great efforts on your side!

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