Jalan Jalan Trip

Its rather weird to be blogging. i’ve never blogged. i’m an unhip teen, i know. hmm.
So anyway last saturday we took the elderly out on a jalan jalan trip to teh selegie area, and i was really happy to have been part of the organising process. Somehow i felt it made the trip more meaningful for me and catherine was really nice to include us young and inexperienced kids in the organising committee!!!
I think i wont elaborate much on the trip process: dawn and yanquan can do it HAH.
But i think i’ll just share some reflections about the trip. I realized how much love and care we have for the elderly, and how unabashedly proud we are of that fact — the time we starting singing in the middle of crowds show how much we enjoy having fun with the elderly. At first i felt rather self-conscious to be frank (because i am very shy. and unused to crowds. really. im VERY VERY shy) , but after that i think i loosened up and became blind to the crowds that were staring and staring and STARING. well not really blind. i could see the. and i was rather angry with them. but i have a temper and get angry easily so maybe its just my weird temper there. anyway. i just learned to IGNORE those people and have fun.  i mean, WHO CARES, right? but I think this incident reflects rather badly on these singaporeans. I felt really irritated and annoyed to see the people staring- some even with disgust- at us singing so enthusiastically to the elderly in public. Why do they do that? Do they think we are some kind of road show? and some of them really stare with blatant and undisguised contempt. Like we were some nuisance. However there were people like the ice cream man who gave me hope about singaporeans, but the rest were just a bad reflection of our society. If I had been a passer-by, i think i will feel very very happy that there are people so compassionate and caring and who have so much fun with teh elderly. i’ll probably start singing- if i knew the songs, that is. i think we youngsters should go master some songs. i cant wait for xmas cus then we’ll be able to belt out the christmas songs with ease!!!! i saw foreigners clapping and smiling at us. they didnt know how to sing the songs but they helped by clapping to show support. the singaporeans? i bet some knew how to sing. most in fact. they were mostly aunties and uncles. can sing dont sing. tsk tsk.
and once again THANKYOU TO THE ICE CREAM MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if i see him again, i’ll buy ice cream from him definitely:D
After hearing stories about the fun on the bus and looking at the pictures, i felt like we minivan people had missed out on the merriment and joy of the guitar and singing. BUt then again, the bus people didnt get to hear Uncle Siew sing on his own without lyrics or without help! His voice was wavering but strong and made me feel very happy that he should have this opportunity to sing for the volunteers to hear. Sometimesi think the elderly would love to do something for the volunteers, its just that they dont have the chance. This reminds me of another time i helped out at teh lion’s befrienders cip with my class in sec one. The elderly i was attached to was mute and deaf but very cheerful and she tried her best to participate in teh activities./ And when it was my turn to do something- i cant rmb- she clapped so hard. And in the end, when she won something she wanted to give it to me and i was so touched i wanted to cry. but of course i gave it back to her. OH DEAR I AM SIDETRACKING VERY BADLY. anyway perhaps Uncle Siew was very happy he could sing for us. And happy to hear our appreciative applause!
This trip reminded me alot of the sec one cip trip, which in fact left a really deep impression on me. for example the old flats we saw during this trip. my friends and i snuck into the flats to visit the elderly while the class was keeping up. I wanted to see the old lady one more time. But couldnt find her. Anyway. The size and the gloominess of the flats appalled me. I rmb all of us cried on our way home because we were so sad. but i suppose the elderly are used to it. its something familiar and safe to them maybe. its something they recognise as home. maybe if we move these elderly to a big bungalow they will feel very out of place. I think its really good that we brought the elderly back to look at such flats. It probably reminds them of their old homes. Maybe.
Speaking of homes, dawn and yanquan told me that there was this elderly who, on the ride home, kept telling the uncle that she forgot the way home or something. And she wanted to go home. So poor dawn and yanquan were at a lost, but managed to calm the elderly down. I suppose when they will blog about this. But even though i was not there, i can imagine how lost and hysterical and sad the old woman must have felt, and how sad it was…
anyway. This trip also taught me that when i grow old, i must age with joy!!!!!!! no matter how hard it is. some of the elderly were depressed teh whole time, and showed hardly any joy. Its sad for us to see these elderly not having fun. But we’ve tried our best, and i find that it is their own mindset and determination to not to have fun that didnt allow them to enjoy the trip to its fullest. There were very cheerful and optimistic elderly, like Kwok Kuen, who met everything joy and wonderment and greeted every volunteer with a smile. I think it is only with an optimistic mind like hers will you get to have fun. If you keep thinking like some of them ‘im going to die alr, why bother’, then its just too bad for you. I pity them of course, and wish we can do something about it, but it is really up to them to decide. Or perhaps one of us could miraculously change their perspective of life. and death.
i know if im old and about to die, i’ll eat and eat and eat!!!!!!! and laugh all i can! i’ll try to laugh to death if i can!!! my mom would be scolding me right now for saying such things actually but hey i’ll be having fun dying!!!i love to laugh! and eat! But perhaps i’ll change later. maybe there’s something about being old that makes us depressed and negative. but i think when im old imemember all the happy brighthill eldery and start laughing again. but who knows! maybe by that time technology will be SOOO advanced we’ll all live to 150! or 200! or maybe technology will kill us instead. or the earth could have overheated. you know, what with global warming and all.
wow come to think of it i wrote quite alot- since i hardly touched on the trip in detail. I dont really like to write about what happened in detail. like in kindergarten where they made us keep journals. ‘this morning i woke up at 9am. Then i go to the toilet to brush my teeth. Then I eat breakfast. Then my mommy bring me to go shopping.’ etc. THEN the teacher scolds me for using too many ‘then’s!
but most of what i wrote is quite unrelated to the topic at hand. NEVERMIND. i like writing. like it, but not very good at it. i think. sometimes im good, sometimes im not. when i have to describe the scenery etc, i’ll fall asleep writing. and thats not the point! writing is supposed to be fun! WAIT. IM BLABBERING AGAIN. so back to the point:
Quintessential reflective essay statement: This trip has left me with many pleasant memories and enriching lessons i will remember for a lifetime.
MY OWN reflective summary: i really really really really really really want to know is this:
Xiao You
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4 Responses to Jalan Jalan Trip

  1. dawn says:

    hahas xiaoyou! yes i agree with the lion befrienders part since i was with you then. and you\’re so mean about poor paw paw. : D i really dunno what to blog about! catherine summarized it really nicely with her cute poem. i signed in yesterday twice and i din noe what to type so i logged out again. bleh to me.

  2. dawn says:

    oops i\’m nameless.

  3. Evergreeners says:

    Hi Xiaoyou
    1) thanks for taking time to blog…
    2) i m happy my name is mentioned..hahas
    3) i now realised girls r so expressive
    4) my impression of u changed…i think u r \’special\’ and a wonderful girl!! before..i didn\’t think you paid much attention..u drew when we discussed about the trip and u laughed (joked) quite a bit so i thought u were not exactly serious..perhaps i am much older and to me, making time to volunteer isn\’t easy so every minute counts…too seriously sometimes..i know…
    5) jus awesome to read those reflections from a 15 year old…beginning to understand why by nature.. girls (later women) continue to be attached to their moms..their inner feeling are so rich!!!  about those uncles & aunties staring..actually, in my eyes they were enjoying..just that being Asians and for their age, they were not expressive..shy like u (Xiao you) lor! hahas.. unlike caucasians, they cheer and clap when they appreciate something (eg in a concert..they would stood up to clap to show the performer how wonderful his/her performance..but Asians would need to be prompted..)
    6) i share the sentiment in your statement \’This trip also taught me that when i grow old, i must age with joy!!!!!!!\’ that\’s exactly what i want to do. Volunteering creates opportunities for myself and the group to volunteer effectively and wonderfully..in my own words \’when i m older and frail..i want to have sweet memories of these wonderful elderly, my different encounter with volunteers, my involvement, my contributions and the many many things that i too learned from other volunteers and through the various activities…\’ i m sure all these will add strength to my mental health and not worried about my sickness, if any, later in my life.
    7) here..let me share that the initial thought to volunteer was largely influenced by my late mum to help others..now..i truly enjoy what I m doing. She would continue to be my pillar of strength and volunteering is also one of the many ways to remember this lovely mum of mine and her everlasting kindness…
    8) to all u young and promising nanyang girls…thanks for all your \’joyful\’ appearances, your punctuality, your time, your everything…. i m proud of you all!!!!

  4. Yan Quan says:

    hahas… the way you post is too teenager. hahas. first of all, is blogging a very hip thing to do? hahas… it\’s quite nice reading your post… like, you dun usually blog mah. but seriously… you have too many unsuccessful attempts to make the post HIGH inside… hahas. okay. nvm… just differnt styles of blogging. POOF. and… must have more paragraphing mah… very hard to read leh.
    -apparently girls are more expressive than guys. hahas, judging through this blog=D
    -yeah. you should learn to relax more. volunteer is supposed to be fun. there is commitment in it lah, but you shouldnt stress yourself over it too much, alright?

    this is perhaps to answer catherine too bah.  i mean, it\’s not like we have very rich inner feelings or whatsoever (right, xiaoyou?), but it\’s just being frank with our feelings. just my personal opinion lah… like when most ppl post over here… it\’s kindda like for-the-sake-of-saying-it-only, like \’all the elderly were having a great time\’ and \’they were reluctant to go home\’ etc. i mean, it\’s only like 65% true only or something.  
    hahas. dunno lah… maybe ppl like me dun understand lah… we are still young and happy… and have little intentions to enter the adults\’ world…

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