This is dedicated to ALL THE VOLUNTEERS & READERS BORN IN THE MONTH OF MAY….be it belated or advance greetings to you…here’s wishing you good health, joy & happiness…


Sharing this article about dancing and health… Dancing is a great way to build physical activity into our lives. Moving to music stimulates the senses – sight, sound and touch – it’s great fun and it’s good for our bodies and minds.  Dancing will improve the condition of the heart and lungs, as well as test our balance. In conclusion, dancing is good for your body, your bones & joints, your mind, help to loose those fats & also lifts up your mood!!


Are you ready to move that body? Here’s a few types of dance for your consideration:



for Ballet (flexible, graceful, elegant & poised)


For Interpretive dance (a family of dance styles normally accustomed stylistic

interpretation of beats and/or sounds)


For Rumba (smooth & sensual Latin dance with slow rhythm and hip movement


for Tango (many styles of tango moves that connect two hearts, two bodies and the music…flexible, dramatic & romantic)


for Hip-hop (mainly street dance styles with hip hop music)


for Djanger (features rows of singing girls, weaving patterns with their hands)


For Aerobics (technically, it’s not a dance but since it still involves body movement and rhythm so not bad at all)



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