Talking about Talking about Karaoke Session

Our volunteer, Kumari always surprised our elderly with Indian delicacies…the last time she brought putu mayam and prawn fritters and managed a bread and kaya toast stall with the help of Jacqueline…this karaoke session, she worked harder prior to the event by soaking and cooking soft yellow nuts served in kacang puteh cones…many thanks to her efforts!! really admire her hard work!!

Another hardworking volunteer, Mei Fang with a new & refreshing hairstyle was busy making kopi once again!! 辛苦你了!

This session, we identified another potential karaoke queen, Elderly Kwok Kuen and a newcomer volunteer, Diana. Both hit it off during the karaoke and had so much fun together that Diana was seen pushing Kwok Kuen to the centre of the floor in a graceful manner…guess what…they were dancing…another great item to do with the elderly in our next karaoke!!!  Thanks, Diana!! be sure to return for more fun!

Sad…sad…Uncle Siew Kai Kuan, our karaoke king was missing in the session.. he was admitted to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Let’s hope he will have a speedy recovery!! JIA YOU, Uncle Siew!!



Talking about Karaoke Session

Hi all the 4 hunks and babes,
Is Monday !!!!!!! feeling blue? not to worry , friday is coming.
Just a quick summary of the feedback we had gathered during the last session:
1. Select amd Sing more 50’s , 60’s and 70’s song so that the elderly can be more appreciated.
2. Serve Coffee and tibits later.  The best time was after atmosphere had filled and heated with few songs.
3. Incorporate the dancing session ( but no breakdance hor) ,
( convert lounge to pub next session. Need space for dancing floor)
4. FYI , Next Karaoke session will be organised by Joanne’s friends…so wait for their announcement …..more varieties of song will be expected …
I will be ROC. : )
Lastly but not the least … thanks to all the supporting managers and directors who  contributed in one way or another to make the karaoke session a monthly event.Thanks to Quan Dawn Hoon and Quan Dawn You too. You make the session more lively , n those for cleaning up , mopping floor ……. special thanks to catherine,mei fang , kumari , erica who contributed the food and tibits ..drinks ……
For those stamp activities on that day , a suggestion was you might want to shift to the karaoke area , so that we dont feel left out …
Have a nice week ahead…..
Hwee Seng
P.S. pls claim the money  from our banker Mun Hoe if you need to .


Karaoke Session

Hosted by:

BHEH Volunteers

Date and time:

Saturday, May 31, 2008 at 3:00 PM

Location name:

Brighthill Elderly Home

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One Response to Talking about Talking about Karaoke Session

  1. Evergreeners says:

    Thanks for comments, Catherine! Frankly speaking, this is my 1st time making coffee at the home (the last time i left the job to Jacqueline & Molly). I didnt know it is so TOUGH! U know, i got muscle ache from it! When i was alone in the kitchen, i was perspiring and wanted to "cry". The coffee "sock" was dripping so SLOWLY, and my arms aching AARRRRGGGGHHHH!
    For those who don\’t believe me, pls volunteer and try it on 28June_Bazaar! You\’re welcome to experience it.

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