these are the photos i took today. dunno. didnt put it in the photo album cos i find it pretty troublesome to load each picture everytime you click. and here, it’s easier to share. but i think uploading them like that will flood all the previous posts down… so like… a bit mean. hahas. you can have your say at the comments. dunno. if it’s okay with you guys, here goes:
mun hoe.
(from left) CK, meifang, layleng
the back view of Hwee Seng…
back view of situ (spelling?)
ghim boon.
siok hoon.
ghim boon again. i find him quite a drama person. hahas.
situ and cuixian.
keehoon. sweet smile=D
The following are older pictuers.
kiwi and cuixian.
cuixian and molly.
layleng and meifang.
kumari and mun hoe.
not the regular Bright Hill volunteers, but he certianly help us enough especially during karaoke session=D
Joanne and friend singing.
Xiaoyou and dawn… eating^^
hwee seng=D
life is good=D
lots of love,
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