A day of WOW on 28th June Bazaar and Funfair Event

 I would summarise last Sat event of the Bazaar and Funfair as a day full of WOWs experience for me. I arrived at 1:45pm on that day and thinking I would be one of the early birds but I would not be any wrong. Meifang was already preparing the stalls and WS, Celeste and another of their friend were already in action in the kitchen busy with the food preparation. My first WOW was our dear WS was still walking as pacy and active as ever despite being pregnant and I think she was standing throughout the whole event of food selling. The second WOW greeted me when the stalls were being laid out and I realised our event was getting bigger and much more eventful with a lot of varities; we have our usual bazaar event, our food selling of Rojak and DIM SUM, 2 stalls of games and the opera show. Great thanks to all who mastermined all these activites, Meifang and Joanne for organising and canvassing for the event; WS and Celeste for the food preparation and Kumari for helping to secure the DIM SUM sponsorship. Of course the enthusiam of the volunteers who had mended the stall and moblising the eldery really helped to light up the event.
When the much waited event was fully started, I got an WOW as the whole recreation hall suddenly become so alive and bustle with so many activities and people. Elderly was actually flocking to the different stalls and refusing to move away while others eldery were waiting behind for their stalls. I had to tread from one corner to another. The scene that captivated me most was a lot of elderly was actually watching the opera show with a plate of rojak/DIM SUM on their plate and hanging behind their wheelchair was plastic bags full of their successful "hunt" of the day. A lot of thoughts and efforts must have gone through in preparing this Event, from the organisers to every single volunteers that had helped out in the EVENT, Thank You and hoped that you too feel that the time and efforts were well spent. By the way this is not the end of my WOWs.
Just when I though the EVENT was over, Catherine held us back for an light interactive activity for all the volunteers. I got an WOW as I thought it was really a very good gesture as among the volunteers that day, a lot of them may not know each other. The activities drew us together and a final group picture for all volunteers that day was a great finale for a jouful day. Thanks to Catherine for organising this and her Jelly (Courtesy of Meifang’s birthday). My last WOW of the day was the Evergreen T-shirt given to me by Cui xian. Finally after volunteering for so many years in the home, we got a T-shirt with our group’s name. And for those who had yet to place their order, do it so soon as it is worthed every penny of it..Thanks CuiXian and Xiao You for helping us to get our volunteer T-shirts.
As for me, Molly and myself were hosting a group of about 9 volunteers from ESN; Elderly Sector Network (volunteers from other homes, like Moral, Silra etc). This is an yearly exchange ESN program where voluneeters from different homes are exchanged to join in other home activities. This help to bring the volunteers from other homes closer together and allow exchnage of ideas and tips on each other events. Eg one of the very good feedback on that day was to have a stall like a Photo Kiosk station where pictures of volunteer and elderly can be taken and printed out on the spot and the picture would  then been given to the eldery to keep for rememberance. They had tried out in other events and it was very well received. We can try it out in our next event. Come July, we will been ask to send a few volunteers to participate in SWAMI home activities, pls let me or Molly know if you are interested to join. I would encourage you to do that as I had my share of exchange program in Sirla and Moral and it was really worth it. I want to take this opportunity to thank Molly for representing us so well in the ESN committee and  credit of course also goes to her recently recruited side kick in Cui Xian. The ESN has really enjoyed their company….Thanks and take care.
Chung Tat
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2 Responses to A day of WOW on 28th June Bazaar and Funfair Event

  1. Evergreeners says:

    WOW…WOW…WOW….what a lengthy one! Well done to our chairperson who contributes his first maiden piece and YES!!! we\’ll like to hear from you more often 🙂
    The idea on instant photo kiosk sounds REALLY interesting! if possible, we can have one during our National Day celebration, tentatively schedule on 2 Aug 08. Cui Xian, CK & Ghim Boon have already put on their thinking caps for this national event. Cui Xian has already thrown in a few GREAT ideas. CT, who can we liaise for the instant photo equipment? 

  2. Yan Quan says:

    hahas. i will be interested to join in any upcoming volunteers exchange programmes=D

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