2nd Aug National Day Celebration and Upcoming Event

2nd Aug National Day Celebration and Next upcoming outing:


It was a wonderful and excellent National celebration at the home last Saturday. To start it off, this is the first event where most of the volunteers are cladded in our Evergreen T-shirts; bravo. Plus the little red heart around it it sure gives us a sense of pride and belonging to the home and nation. We should wear it more often for future events.  


It was a great to start the show with birthday songs and cake cutting with all the August “babies” which also include our elderly. The whole program was hosted by our ever smiling couple of Ghim Boon and Siok Hoon and thank you for hosting a great show. We did a round of national day songs and games prepared by Joanne and Meifang. Our Siow Har, Seetoh and Munhoe were busying taking pictures and printing out some of the pictures on the spot and passed it to the elderly. Then came our surprise of the day with special performance from Joanne’s colleague friends in Michelle and her dad; Mr Ang. Their professional rendition of songs in various dialects and popular Chinese and English songs drove frenzy in the house and we and the elderly keep asking for more from them. For a while all of us immersed in this Geitai atmosphere which in a way is fitting as it is the seventh month ghost festival. We had great fun.


We had a small celebration of our 20th years of the formation of the Evergreen group and I wish for another 20 good and excellent years of caring, compassionate and charitable hearts from the EVERGREEN VOLUNTEERS to the elderly and together we will make their last part of their journey a memorable and happy one. Thank you to all who were around and making it a  very special weekend for our elderly on National Day Celebration and oursleves beside the usual watching of the Parade on TV.


Thanks to Catherine for organizing this event and the jellies, Cuixian and her mom for the cakes and Che Pin for the Muffins. Thanks.


Upcoming Event:


27th September Saturday 2-4pm

Venue : TBD

Event: ESN Carnival

We will be bringing a group of elderly (15-20) of them to the Carnival with games, bazzar, mini concert and food. We did it last year at Yishun JC and the elderly enjoyed it a lot. Pls remember to make it a date with us on that day. More details to follow up..

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  1. Evergreeners says:

    Nice blog! Author? I guess it\’s Chung Tat.

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