Talking about National Day Celeb on 2 August 2008

Firstly, a big THANK YOU to Ghim Boon & Siok Hoon for working really hard and well that afternoon. Working with people is a challenge but I thought you two did a really good job for not giving up. They were busy moving around the hall and not forgetting to carry out the goodie bags for distribution to the elderly


Apart from the day’s celebration, several volunteers turned up punctually for two earlier Saturdays to work with the elderly on the paper hats. They were Tracy, Jacqueline, Sean, Pauline, Willie, Celeste, Siow Har, Ghim Boon, Siok Hoon, Yan Quan, Chung Tat, Kumari, Lay Leng, Mei Fang, CK and Molly. Both sessions were really enjoyable. Don’t forget to take a good look at the photos in the National Day album on your right to witness these wonderful volunteers’ creativity in the hats making….I truly admire their creativity!!


Of course, our elderly were all sporting enough to wear their hats, took photos and happily keeping their photos. Thanks to Chung Tat, Siow Har, Yan Quan, Mun Hoe & Seetoh for their hard work!


We were really happy to have senior volunteers like Shirley, Karen, Woei Shiuan and Chee Pin who came back to share a short and memorable time with us. WS, you are really BIG now… It would have been nice if more could join us.


Also thanks to Chung Tat for his sparkling juice! Together, we toast and shouted ‘yum seng’ at the top of our voices…..(did we frighten the residents? Even those with bad hearing might have heard us! Hahas…forgive us!)


As for the ‘red hearts’ which were carefully cut and painted with my love for each of you, good to hear that volunteers like them and hope to use them for future events. Thanks to Yan Quan for her idea to write our name on the hearts using blanco. Our names really stood up beautifully on the red background!


As for the banner, Hwee Seng exclaimed that each thumb print was a pledge for another 10 years of volunteering at Bright Hill Evergreen Home. Wahahaha…all of you are conned!!!! No turning back liao….



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