Karaoke Session for Volunteers on 9Aug 2008.

Thanks to Yanquan, Lay Leng, See Tow, Joanne, Pauline, Sean, Hwee Seng, Celeste, Willie & Kee Hoon for taking time off their busy schedule to attend our ktv.

As its name implies, we only paid S$10 each for our 2-7pm session at Ten Dollars Family KTV Club at Smith Street. On top of that, we have Free Flow of drinks to quench our thirst n clear our throats. . But there were little hiccups when we tried to select songs from the touch screen monitor. Besides that, it is still worth the money and we had fun!   cheap, cheap, cheap.

Of course, we sang many many songs from Top of the World to National Day Songs to Jay Chou’s to duets to Andy Lau’s & Aaron Kok’s & Jackie Cheung & Leslie Cheung & A*mei plus plus plus.

We discovered a very good singer and he is no other than Sean. Hwee Seng was very happy that he could recruit 1 more singer for the next karaoke session at the home. Let’s all look forward to Sean’s crooning soon.

Celeste n Willie also joined us for a short time to give us their joint support.  U2
It was a good time and Lay Leng & me agreed that See Tow had improved in his singing. His voice is clearer now and was able to "catch up" with the song. Give him more practise and i’m sure he’ll be able to sing solo at the Home in no time.
So, let’s look forward to the next KTV at the home and thanks for practising on 9Aug, we shall organise another KTV again sometime down the road if all’s happy and keen.

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3 Responses to Karaoke_9Aug2008

  1. Evergreeners says:

    Alright! not too short after all..:) I truly sensed the happiness and joy that all you guys & gals had. I missed it this time but will try to make up on the next one! SO the guys were showing off their vocals? hmmm..the gals will catch up. JIA YOU, GIRLS!!!

  2. Evergreeners says:

    Hi Meifang and Gang,
    Can really feel that you folks had a lot of fun and a merry time…I am sorry to have miss the fun and had to stay glue to the TV for the Parade..Hope to join you folks the next time…

  3. Evergreeners says:

    Hi Mei Fang,
    Thanks for the effort of organising this event…the scene at the south bridge was beautiful ( too bad me not there) … and the karaoke was fun too…. the chance given to me to sing with karen Mok in the air was very" touching "…I had running nose that night ….. :).We have a new karaoke king, Pauline\’s CK, he had a strong vocal voice…… cannot left him out for the next karaoke session in Sept

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