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ESN Carnival montage

  This is a photo montage, tribute to the ESN Carnival at Yishun JC on the 27th September 2008.  Can similarly be viewed at Enjoy=D Advertisements

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To overcome negative habits, view each day as if it were the first day of your life. Yesterday you may have had difficulties dealing with a situation, but today perhaps things will go better. Yesterday you might have felt discouraged, … Continue reading

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Recollection of Mid Autumn 2008 & 2006

光明山老人院, 处处有温情。 这句话一点也没错! 相信在2008年9月13日帮忙的义工都深深感受到了…这群老人家真的很直得我们的扶持和关怀。.遗憾的是Uncle Siew Kai Kuan 已经离开了。还记得他吗?     在Uncle Siew 那不屈不挠,坚强和乐观的态度感动下的我曾经在2006年写下这些感言。请允许我再次和你们分享: 九月三十日, 欢庆中秋节 让义工感受到节日的气氛 也体会到与老人家相处的喜悦 很开心得到各位长辈的参与 让这个庆祝活动更添意义 也佷难忘你们发自内心的笑容 义工们深感欣慰 这一切将成为你们给予义工们的推动力 我们一起努力让明天会更好!  当时Uncle Siew读完后….笑咪咪不停的谢谢各位义工花时间陪他们..还说义工才是老人家的推动力! The Evergreeners…我们一定要多多加油哦!!!   Cheers Catherine  

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Mid Autumn 2008

Hi volunteers   THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR WONDERFUL PRESENCE LAST SATURDAY, 13 SEPTEMBER 2008!!   Mid Autumn has been a very traditional festival for the Chinese. Personally, I love it.   First of all, the Evergreen Volunteer Group would like … Continue reading

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