Mid Autumn 2008

Hi volunteers




Mid Autumn has been a very traditional festival for the Chinese. Personally, I love it.


First of all, the Evergreen Volunteer Group would like to thank our sponsor, Mr Chin for the mooncakes and to Jacqueline for her coordination.


Due to time constraint, we did not run any lantern making session with the elderly like before. Instead, we put on our thinking hats and were pleased to have introduced a couple of new ideas to the celebration:


1)      a lion dance performance jointly and wonderfully performed by students of Whitley & Anderson Secondary School. It was themed 七星拌月

2)      the pomelo skin game creatively suggested by Jacqueline

3)      the Chinese proverbs intelligently hosted by Mei Fang

4)      the Chinese legend telling of Chu Yuan Zhang confidently narrated by Yan Quan

5)      newly composed songs to cater to the festival and to the elderly’s taste

6)      a wishing well (thanks to Chung Tat for sourcing this item)


We saw the return of ad-hoc volunteers like Felise, Yoshi, Dasmond & Li Theng. We welcome Michael who joined us for the first time and to our ever supportive volunteers….Jacqueline, Ghim Boon, Siok Hoon, Hwee Seng, Seetoh, Kee Hoon, Yan Quan, Dawn, Cui Xian, Mei Fang, Joanne, Siow Har, Molly & Mun Hoe!!


I deeply appreciate the joyous presence of the elderly. They happily took part in games and interacted freely with our volunteers and even amused us! Let’s hope they stay in good health and happy!


Thanks to our veteran photographer, Mun Hoe for uploading the photos so quickly. Enjoy!!!!




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