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Money no enough

I shared the excitement and happiness in searching for the 2 x 20 dollar notes! and I applaud the courage, patience and determination to those involved in the search ‘cos I imagine it can be quite tortuous to dig into … Continue reading

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Talking about Money

08112008 Today was quite an exciting day at the Home. First of all, Cuixian found 2 "Cut-out" corners during stamp cutting that belonged to the Singapre Dollar Note and the colour is yellowish-orange which means …. it is highly likely that it belonged to the … Continue reading

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一般来说, 义工希望拨出自己些许的时间来陪伴光明山的老人家…从中希望老人家得到安慰和快乐。相反的,有时义工也同时感受到老人家的喜悦…给这一群老人逗得很开心。上个星期六, 我拿了些brown sausages请老人家吃…味道香香咸咸的所以他们还瞒喜欢。当我把brown sausages送上时, 其中一位auntie 喊出’热狗‘…坐在对面的也不落后…..急忙说出‘hot dog’! 义工们不禁被这突如其来的反应笑到 ’BENG’ lorh!!

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